Careless handling of contact lens can rob your vision

In the UK; doctors readying a 67-year-old woman for cataract surgery removed 27 contact lenses from her eye. Contrary to that, doctors in India inform that generally problems like contact lenses getting stuck in the eye are seen in the age group of 15-40 and the incidents of carelessly handling the contact lenses are increasing

Careless handling of contact lens can rob your vision

Contact lenses are safely used by millions of people every day, but they do carry a risk of eye infection, or they may get stuck in the eyes and generally it is seen in the youngsters, said doctors.

Doctors feel that sleeping without removing the contacts also messes with the eyes in the long run. “Contact lenses should be worn only for 6-8 hours a day. If the lenses are worn for too long, the eye will lack oxygen, nutrition and which can result in eye infection. So eye and lens care both are essential, explained Dr. Nisheeta Agarwala , consultant ophthalmologist surgeon at PD Hinduja Hospital

Doctors said that it’s essential to understand lens care: Not caring for your contact lenses properly can lead to a variety of eye infections, including some that cause blindness.

“Every week, I get at least one patient who faces the problem like the lenses gets stuck in the eye or it gets torn. Age group of 15-40 mainly faces the lenses issues. So in a month, I see 40-5 patients with similar problem.  Avoid wearing the contact lenses while seeping.  If lenses are left in the yes for a prolonged period, a person can become blind. As the contact lenses are worn over the cornea, they get corneal ulcers, which results in spot on the cornea. And this can hamper the vision. And even after that the eye doesn’t get cured; eye transplantation has to be done. I have done for my patient,” Dr. Arjun Ahuja, head of the ophthalmology department, KEM Hospital.

Even contact lenses solution is the potential source of bacteria. So be cautious, remove the contact lenses and consult an ophthalmologist immediately if you experience symptoms such as redness, pain, tearing, increased light sensitivity, blurry vision, discharge or swelling. Maintain a proper hygiene, advised doctors.

“Sometimes patients come to me saying they want contact lenses, and when I examine them, contact lenses are found hidden in the eye.  The patient says that accidentally it must have fallen somewhere. It is not necessary that if the lens gets stuck in the eye, it will cause itchiness or swelling. In some cases, it does and in some cases it doesn’t. Some people are sensitive and they feel it. But in some cases, if it is away from the cornea, the inhibition is not that high. So they have the lenses in the eye, but they can’t understand that”, said Dr. Partho K Bakshi, consultant eye specialist, practising at The Eye Centre at Sharda nursing home.

Doctors warned to wash and clean your contact lenses every day and not to share the contact lenses with anyone. “Change your contact lenses from time to time after consulting the eye specialist,” added Dr. Agarwala.

While talking to my medical mantra Krysten Keymer, 22, said “Lenses are a convenient option if one has to go for a function or a party. Earlier, I used to sleep without removing the contact lenses. But the next day, my eyes used to become dry and itchy. After which, I never wore lenses while sleeping.”

Doctors said that now-a-days, lenses are available which are replaced on a yearly basis.  Monthly disposable and daily disposable lenses are available too. “Go for disposable lenses as chances of eye infections are less,” suggested Dr. Ahuja.