Sonali Bendre returns home, husband says, she’s recovering

Actress Sonali Bendre, who was undergoing treatment for high-grade cancer in the United States, has returned to Mumbai on December 3. Sonali was diagnosed with high-grade cancer in July 2018

Photo-Viral Bhayani
Photo-Viral Bhayani

With an ever charming smile actress Sonali Bendre exited from Mumbai airport, as she returned back home to Mumbai from New York on Monday morning, December 3. Since the first time she was diagnosed with high-grade cancer, Sonali has shown a positive attitude and courage to fight with the big ‘C’.

While exiting from the airport Goldie Behel, Sonali Bendre’s husband informed the media persons, “Sonali is doing good now. She is recovering very well. For now, her treatment has ended. But the disease can come back so regular checkups will be done.”

The Bollywood actress has been in the United States since July, from the time she has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer.

During the past five months, Sonali has penned down each and every moment of her struggle, painful ordeal and experience about the Big-C through social media. Though she has narrated her experience, Sonali has shown how positive attitude and strength has helped her to fight with the disease.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Distance makes the heart grow fonder.” It sure does. But lets never underestimate wast distance teaches you. Being away from home in the city of New York. I realised I was walking among so many stories. Each trying to write their own chapter in different ways. Each struggling to do it but never giving up. Each taking it #OneDayAtATime.”