Cancer patients residing on footpath to get a temporary shelter

Good news for the patients who come from across the country and the world to take treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital. The state government is taking efforts to provide shelter. The government has proposed to construct 2 buildings of 300 flats in Govandi, Mumbai. The health department has sent this proposal to the urban development department


The patients seeking treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital and their relatives sometimes have to spend nights on the roads. Owing to which, the patients can suffer from infections. So, to help the cancer patients and their families, the government has come forward. Dr Deepak Sawant, the state help minister has informed about it in the Maharashtra assembly.

“For the patients taking treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital, there is a proposal to build 2 buildings containing 300 rooms at Govandi. Also, basic facilities will be available along with the doctors to handle emergency,” said Dr Sawant.

He added, “The proposal has been sent to the urban development department. After it sanctions it the further steps will be taken. Also, a baby crèche centre and many more facilities will be provided.”

SH Jaffery, Senior PRO, Tata Memorial Centre said, “The patients relatives sleep on the footpath owing to poor financial conditions. This people will surely benefit. Also, their commuting problem should be taken into consideration.”