Cancer: Note the signals which the body sends, says Sonali Bendre

Cancer survivor Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre, has been a true inspiration for many, the way she fought with cancer with a positive attitude. She never let herself down, and emotions to take a toll on her mind. Sonali was diagnosed with High-Grade cancer last year

Sonali (1)

After fighting a hard battle with cancer, for almost over a year, Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre emerged as a victorious. The struggle with cancer depletes the person emotionally, but Sonali, throughout her journey, remained strong. The smile on her face never faded, as she looked up to one day at a time.

Now, after successfully defeating the Big-C, Sonali has a prominent message for all. “It is important to note the signals that the body sends.”

Sonali was addressing a gathering, CAHOCON 2019, the 5th Annual conference of Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organisations in Mumbai.

While addressing the conference, Sonali stated, “It is important to note the signals, which body sends at periodic intervals and get the right diagnosis done. Early detection, can be a key to avoid painful, invasive treatment. Open-ended discussions on cancer have the potential to foster awareness on a wider level. Healthcare institutions and hospitals should also play an important role in initiating dialogue on diseases, and ensure community participation to improve healthcare outcomes.”

She emphasized that the detection of diseases like cancer at an early stage and creating mass awareness on a community level is a key to attain better healthcare outcomes.

Sonali was diagnosed with High-Grade cancer last year and spent several months undergoing the treatment, where she underwent chemotherapy and, surgery as well.

“Quality healthcare forms the foundation of a healthy society and a growing economy. We need to ensure that there is no compromise with healthcare standards and people from all strata of the society have access to the best healthcare systems. Through an accredited healthcare ecosystem, we intend to standardize healthcare procedures and train healthcare professionals in practices and processes to provide state-of-the-art healthcare to the citizens of the country,” stated Dr Rajendra Patankar, COO, Nanavati Super Specialty Hospital.

“CAHOCON is a great platform to make hospitals process-oriented and increase the quotient of patient safety. Hospital’s care, over the last few years, has become very complex and error-prone. In such a scenario, it is imperative that hospitals understand this changing scenario and the need for understanding to work as a team with the requisite processes,” stated Dr Vijay Agarwal, CAHOCON President.