Cancer cure: ‘Online Oncology Tutorial Series’ for doctors launch to tackle cancer

Due to the lack of awareness regarding cancer, Tata Memorial Centre  in collabartion with department of health and family welfare and government of Maharashtra has launched, online ‘Onchology Tutorial Series’, to train the doctors across  the country on early detection, prevention and basics of treatment,  under  its goal ‘Affordable Cancer Care' project

Cancer cure: ‘Online Oncology Tutorial Series’ for doctors launch to tackle cancer

Cancer is a major public health concern in India and has become of the ten leading causes of death in the country.  In order to diagnose cancer at an early stage, the health care providers at all levels should be well informed and ware on screening, diagnosis and treatment.

So, Tata Memorial Centre with its goal of ‘Affordable Cancer Care’ is launching an ‘Online Onchology Tutorial Series’ to train the doctors. The course is intended for physicians, gynaecologists, dentists and other healthcare professionals who are not oncologists, but can play a crucial role in early detection and diagnosis of cancers.  The online video lectures are intended to equip them, with the skills and knowledge on basics of oncology to detect diagnose and refer cancer cases early. It will be rolled out to all in service doctors in Maharashtra.

The overall course is designed for 7 weeks and comprises of 14 hours of comprehensive e-learning. Dr Rajendra Badwe, Director, Tata Memorial Centre, said, “The primary goal of this digitalised education module is to provide uniform evidence based medicine in oncology across the spectrum and ensure that everyone gets access to uniform cancer at their door step.”

“We thought we should make digital presentation of various modules which will give evidence based guidelines to our practitioners who are working at district centres,” said Dr Kailash Sharma, Director-Academics, Tata Memorial Centre.

Dr Pankaj Chaturvedi, Professor and Head and Neck Surgeon/ Project coordinator, Oncology Tutorial, informed, “ Through this project, we are trying to reach millions of doctors who may not have the time to attend physical conferences and are busy working in rural or tier 2 cities.”

The course could be accessed at