Mumbai: Cadaver donation gives new lease of life to three patients

The donor family helped save patients with end stage organ failure, as they consented to donate the deceased’s liver, kidneys and corneas

Cadaver donation gives new lease of life to three patients

Mumbai witnessed its 26th cadaveric donation for the year at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, on Thursday. This became possible when the daughter of a brain-dead patient consented to donate her beloved mother’s liver, kidneys and corneas. This act of donation saved and enriched the lives of three waitlisted patients.

The donor, was a 68-year old homemaker from Thane, who was declared brain-dead.  The patient suffered an intracranial bleed which made her condition irreversible.

The patient’s daughter consented to donate her mother’s organs. While the kidneys went to a single donor at a city hospital, and the liver to another waitlisted recipient at another city hospital, the corneas were sent to the eye bank.

Speaking about the organ donation, Dr S. Narayani, Zonal Director of Fortis Hospital, said, “The daughters of the patient displayed enormous strength during their time of grief. We are extremely grateful for their decision. The patient had previously expressed her desire of donating her organs and has set an excellent example for each one of us. With this being Mumbai’s 26th cadaver donation this year, we are grateful to those families who are taking up the cause of organ donation, which is an enormous leap towards bridging the donor-recipient gap.”