Buldhana: Six-year-old kid dies while bursting firecracker

This gruesome incident serves as a cautionary tale to parents and children alike. As leaving a child unsupervised with a firecracker is very risky. It is important that parents see to it that a responsible member of the family accompanies the child when they want to burst firecrackers


In a grisly incident which took place today morning. Yash, a six-year-old boy lost his life. His only mistake was holding a firecracker in his mouth. When the firecracker did not light up, he innocently held it in his mouth, but all of a sudden the cracker burst in his mouth.

Yash was playing outside his house. While his parents were busy preparing for the Diwali festival by cleaning their home. Suddenly, they heard a loud sound and the parents came running out. Where they found Yash bleeding profusely and lying a pool of blood.

Yash, who resided in Pimplegaon-Sarai Village, in Buldhana district, Maharashtra, was immediately rushed to the civil hospital.

He was declared brought dead by the doctors of the Buldhana civil hospital.

This unfortunate incident is a harsh reminder for parents. As they need to keep in mind that it just takes a few seconds for things to go wrong.

This is exactly why we stress upon the fact that the elders should watch out for the kids when they are playing with Diwali firecrackers. As the festive season approaches it is important to know that a ‘Happy Diwali’ need to be a ‘Safe Diwali.’

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Premchand Pandit, Civil Surgeon of Buldhana civil hospital said, “The boy was trying to burst a firecracker, but the cracker didn’t explode. So, he picked it up and held it in between his lips. Suddenly the firecracker burst in his mouth and the boy died even before his parents could reach him to the hospital.”

Dr Pandit further said, “The boy was brought dead to the hospital. He had suffered several internal injuries as well.”