Mumbai: Building collapse near Bhendi Bazar, 33 dead

On what seemed like a respite for Mumbaikars due to a sunny morning, turned out to be a nightmare for people at Borimohalla as a five storeyed, Arsiwala building collapsed at 8.30am. Total 29 people rescued from debris and sent to hospital. Four fire Brigade personnel's injured. Rescue operation is still on. About 10 to 15 people still suspected to be trapped in the debris

Building collapse near JJ, leading to massive chaos and destruction

Reportedly, 29 people rescued from the debris, out of which 14 are injured and 33 have lost their lives.  Most people,  who have been saved, have been rushed to JJ hospital, said Mumbai Fire Brigade official.

As per the information available from hospital authorities and Mumbai Fire Brigade so far 10 brought dead.

Dr TP Lahane, dean of Sir JJ group of hospitals said, “Our priority is treating the people injured in the building collapse on priority basis.  Our team consisting of multidisciplinary branches are working on it .”

Dr Deepak Sawant, the state health minister said, “Lahane Sir has taken full responsibility for the patients. The hospital is doing a wonderful job. CT scan is done for everyone. All other surgeries for the day have been suspended. 16 have been admitted. More are coming. 6 casualties are there.”

According to  P Rahangdale, chief fire officer, Mumbai Fire Brigade, “Ground plus 5 floor building (Arsiwala building), same building having 2 wings completely collapsed. About 10 to 15 people are suspected to be trapped still.  Search operations by fire brigade personnel’s from east, west, and south side are in progress. By using search cameras, hydraulic tools, and rescue gears from rescue van. The National Disaster Response Force NDRF is working in south and west side.”

Mumbai: Building collapse near Bhendi Bazar, leading to massive chaos and destruction

He added, “Sweets manufacturing unit, food preparation shop on ground floor as per public and persons were working in it. Smoke and gas smell was coming and fire in one side, hence there are difficulties in search operation.”

Rahangdale informed that 1 high pressure line in operation. Persons from adjacent buildings rescued safely and 2 to 3 adjacent bldg. vacated as a safety measure.

In total, 23 people rescued from debris and sent to the hospital. 4 fire Brigade personnel’s injured. The rescue operation is still on.