Breast cancer: ‘Cancer doesn’t mean death, we must fight against it’

October is observed as breast cancer awareness month. The word ‘cancer’ comes with a negative connotation and is associated with trauma. My Medical Mantra beings to you a story of a breast cancer survivor, who states that fitness, diet, and positive thinking, are the keys to overcome it

Image source: Google
Image source: Google

“I have known that I am suffering from cancer. However, I had made a firm decision, whatever happens; I will fight this battle, and will never surrender. I knew that I would have to suffer from  hardship, pain, and agony, but I told myself, cancer cannot defeat me,” said Saluja Choudhary (name changed), while speaking to My Medical Mantra.

Every year, the month of October is observed as breast cancer awareness month. The 49-year-old Mumbai resident is a breast cancer survivor herself. After battling with the disease for over a year, Saluja finally defeated it.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Saluja said, “In 2016, while I was undergoing a breast examination, I found a lump in my breast. I had never thought that the lump would be cancerous. The word cancer comes along with trauma, and when the doctors told me that I am suffering from cancer, I didn’t surrender to it.”

Saluja further adds, “Cancer doesn’t mean death. People must first get rid of this misconception from their mind. If cancer is diagnosed at the right time, with the help of right treatment, you can cure it. Then why should we be afraid of it? We should fight it.”

Experts say a cancer patient should follow a good fitness regime; their food habits also play a significant role in cancer management.

On being asked on how she managed her fitness routine and dietary habits, Saluja said, “I had to be fit to fight against cancer, and for that, a proper diet plays a crucial role. As a side-effect of the medicines, your immunity goes down, and the only way to gain immunity is by following a proper diet.”

Saluja is a breast cancer survivor; therefore she appeals others to have faith in their doctor. Not everyone, diagnosed with cancer dies due to it.