Breakup blues: City witnesses a surge in homosexuals seeking help

Almost everyone roaming on the earth has gone through the breakup at least once in their life which immensely painful. But according to the psychiatrists in the city, a lot of homosexuals are approaching them regarding their break up and anxiety about finding life partners


Same sex marriages and homosexual relationships, is no longer a new phenomenon. Colleges, high schools, and offices are also becoming increasingly supportive of these same sex relationships but psychiatrists across the city say that they are finding a surge in homosexuals, approaching them post their breakups because of the need to find the ‘perfect partner’.

Let’s take the case of Sumita Soni (name changed), a thirty-year-old working professional from Ghatkopar who approached a city clinic, seeking help for her anxiety attacks. “She is a vibrant independent woman who came up to me for her anxiety issues. Little probing led me to believe that, until few months ago, she was in a steady relationship with another woman. However things didn’t work and they eventually broke up. That’s when she started getting serious anxiety issues,” said Dr Parul Tank, Consultant Psychiatrist at Asian Heart, Mumbai.

She added, “I find a lot of people from the Lesbian Gay Bisexuals and Transgender (LGBT) community approaching me regarding their breakups. Interestingly, their major concern is about finding a sustainable life partner ahead. Luckily, the family support is now increasing.”

Panic attacks and serious psychological disturbances are now rampantly found in the community for the search of life partner. “A lot of gays visit me with anxiety related to their life partner. This could also be because for a lot of gays, looks are very important. Their insecurity regarding looks and possessiveness is also very high. Therefore, a steady relationship holds a lot of importance for them,” said Dr Kersi Chavda, a consultant psychiatrist from PD Hinduja Hospital and Medical Research Centre.

“I get a lot of patients from the community- at least once in a week with such an issue. Homosexuals are very sensitive.  Talking openly about their breakups and otherwise is also not very natural to them. But yes, anxiety to find a sustainable partner is really rampant in them,” said Dr Anjali Chhabria, Psychiatrist and Founder of Mind Temple.