Boy who appeared for SSC exams from hospital, secures 76%

Ganesh Hake, a 15-year-old boy residing in Chakan, Pune had severely injured his leg in an accident, during his SSC boards exams. Dr Vijay Gokule had helped him appear for his board exam from the hospital itself. Ganesh has scored 76 % in his board exams, and wants to be a doctor one day

Boy who appeared for SSC exams in hospital, secures 76% in his results

“My son, Ganesh, had met with an accident during the board exams, I had thought, it’s all over, my son is going to lose his year now. But, all thanks to Dr Gokule sir. Because of his efforts, my son could appear for the exams. And how, I am very happy that he has passed the board exam with 76 per cent,” said, Dnyaneshwar Hake, father of Ganesh, while speaking to My Medical Mantra.

As you speak to Ganesh’s father, you can sense the happiness in his voic. Even though, Ganesh suffered a major accident, he has managed to  clear his SSC exams with sheer determination and hard work.

Ganesh Hake had met with an accident, while he was appearing for his SSC board exams, and had to write the two papers from the hospital bed. Though he had met with an accident, he never lost hope. He studied from the hospital, and finally managed to clear the first big milestone in his life.

Ganesh says, “All thanks to Doctor sir, I didn’t lose out on my academic year.” Dr Vijay Gokule, had helped Ganesh to appear for the board exam from the hospital itself, after seeking a special permission from the SSC board in Pune.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Vijay Gokule, a general physician from Chakan, Pune said, “Ganesh has secured 76% in his SSC board exams. His father informed me about this. I am very happy. Ganesh says he wants to be a doctor in the future. His financial condition is not so strong, so I have decided to help it in whatever way I can.”