Bombay High Court orders doctors to resume duties, directs state to provide security

The High Court says no punitive action to be taken against the doctors if they resume their duties

Bombay High Court orders doctors to resume duties, directs state to provide security
Members of Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) protest against the attack on a resident doctor in Dhule Civil Hospital in Mumbai on March 17 Image courtesy: Bhushan Koyande / MMM

The Bombay High Court on Thursday, ordered the striking resident doctors to resume their duties with immediate effect. The High Court in its ruling also directed the State government to take necessary steps and provide adequate security to all the government hospitals and colleges, so that the resident doctors can continue their duties without fear.

The High Court while hearing the petition, on the mass strike called by the doctors ordered no punitive action to be taken against the doctors who have resumed duties.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra Association of resident Doctors (MARD), have filed an affidavit in the court stating they are ready to work, provided the government assures them about their safety.

The High Court while directing the state government observed that, only two relatives should be allowed with the patients in the hospital, and state government should appoint, 1100 security personnel with immediate effect to protect the doctors.

As Maharashtra’s Medical services are crippled, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis briefed the assembly about the strike. He said, “We have accepted all the demands raised by the resident doctors, the state government is committed to provide full scale security to the doctors. We will take corrective measures to make sure that no doctor is assaulted, and he can work without fear”

The High Court observations have come in wake of mass protest called by doctors across the state. After a spate of incidents, across the Maharashtra where doctors were assaulted, the residents had called for a mass leave crippling the state’s medical services. Medical services were paralyzed, as 40,000 Indian Medical Association (IMA) doctors, medical interns, pathologist and radiologist associations, peripheral civic hospital resident doctors and medical teachers have also joined in on the protest.

  • Dr Abhay Chowdhary

    It is not a issue between doctors and patients. It is a security issue between unruly elements and health care provider. Adequate security must be ensured. Everytime doctors to keep an eye on errands is not possible while concentrating to treat a case at hand.
    Emergency medical care must be separated from routine OPD or IPD care.Specialy trained care providers will make a qualitative change in Patient care in emergency situation.
    Security must be ensured at all times 24×7×365 days. Errands must be handled by ensuring law. No emotional outbursts to physical assault can be justified by anyone especially the roudies in the garb of social workers. All law abiding citizens must take nonpartisan view.