Bohra community to give Pune its green cover back

Earlier known as bicycle city, Pune is now known for two-wheelers plying in the city which is also resulting in rise in pollution in the city. In order to tackle the problem, the Bohra community have decided to plant around 3,000 saplings across the city and would give them (sapling) the name of the person who planted it. The responsibility of the sapling would be of the planters’ and the community would be monitoring the progress and condition of the saplings

Bohra community to give Pune its green cover back

With the rise in number of vehicles and industrial areas in Pune city the level of pollution is also on a rise and more and more number of people are getting affected with lung related diseases. In order to overcome this menace, Bohra Community in Pune has decided to plant 3,000 trees in the city, where the person who has planted the tree would adopt it for next ten years.

Pune which was earlier known as bicycle city, is now known for the two-wheelers plying on its roads. Many surveys by environmentalist show a rising number of tiny particulate matters and other polluting gases in the atmosphere. Long-term exposure to this particulate pollution is resulting in skin irritation, coughing, difficulty in breathing and aggravated asthma.

The Bohra community has decided to work more proactively to improve atmosphere in the city. The plantation which started on Tuesday would be carried out throughout the year with an aim to plant 3,000 trees. Each tree will be tagged by the name of the person who has planted it.

Zoher Harnesswala, one of the leaders from the community in formulating the plan, said, “A lot of trees are being cut in Pune. We are giving ownership of the trees to the person who has planted the tree. The progress and status of each sapling is monitored and recorded through regular follow-ups and monthly status reports on the progress and condition of each plant. Other than fasting in the month of Ramzan, we have also decided to give clean air to residents of Pune.”

Dr Mahawir Modi, Pulmonologist from the city, said, “In the recent years, there is an increase in number of patients getting affected with lung related diseases like asthma. There is also a rise in the number of cases affected by lung fibrosis which is caused due to particulate pollutants in the air. There are many who were earlier not allergic, but with pullulated air people have become susceptible to different allergies. Many are also getting diagnosed with Reactive Airways Dysfunctional Syndrome, which develops after exposure to smoke or fume.”

Dr Gufran Beig, project director for system of air quality and weather forecasting and research (SAFAR), said, “Areas with dense green cover in Pune, like Pashan area, has witnessed less pollutants. Dense tree cover has a huge impact in maintaining pollutant free air.”