Body shape plays vital role in sex, say expert 

When it comes to sex, a number of people feel insecure about their body image. To get over this they decide to go in for cosmetic surgeries. At Sexycon 2017, a doctor shared what types of surgery that both men and women go through to raise their self-esteem and have a better sex life


According to experts, body image plays a vital role in sex life. Sex is the combination of both physical and mental engagement. Many people do not feel comfortable with their bodies and get conscious while having sex. To get over this complex, some undergo cosmetic surgeries. At Sexycon 2017, organised by Indian Medical Association in Mumbai, Dr Mohan Thomas, a cosmetic surgeon threw light on upon types of female and male cosmetic surgeries.

Female Cosmetic Surgeries

Breast Augmentation Implant – Some women don’t feel confident about their breast size. Breast implants are done to increase their size. In this surgery, a procedure, known as fat grafting (or autologous fat transfer), uses fat from a person’s thighs, stomach or buttocks and implants it in the breast

Prominent Pronsi Pubic Lift – This surgery is done when pelvic region is sagging. In this process excess skin and fats from mons pubis area are removed.

Vaginoplasty – After delivering a baby in normal delivery process vagina muscles may slack or become loose. Sometimes aging also has effect on the tightening of vagina. Vaginoplasty helps to restore the natural size of vagina.

Labioplasty – It is done to reduce asymmetry between labia minora and labia majora.

Clitoral de-hooding – This surgery helps in improving sexual functioning of a woman. It also refines the vulvar region aesthetically.

Hymen repair – There is a lot of cultural stigma attached to broken hymen. The intact hymen is considered as the sign if ‘purity’ for a woman. There could be many reasons behind hymen breaking. Some woman prefers to get it repaird if broken.

Male Cosmetic Surgeries

Reducing the size of chest – Some men have large breasts which make them uncomfortable as large breasts are considered a feminine quality. So they prefer to undergo a surgery reduce their size.

4D body contouring – Well-toned and sculptured muscles are not only achieved by working out in gym. Cosmetic surgery can be of a help in getting toned body.

Penile lengthening and thickening -Does size matter? It is a debatable issue but some men prefer to have their penises longer and thicker. It can be done with help of cosmetic surgery.

Scrotal reduction – In many cases scrotum get enlarged with age. It can be reduced with surgery.