Body Donation: Solapur family donates conjoined twins body to medical college  

The Shaikh family has shown tremendous courage and have donated body of their two-days-old conjoined twins to Dr Vaishampaiyan Memorial Medical College. Doctors at the medical college said that the body will be kept in a glass box, so that medical students can learn from this


Solapur doctors face daunting task ahead to save ‘conjoined twins’

  • In their time of grief, by gathering great amount of strength a family from Solapur, Maharashtra has taken a difficult decision.
  • With tears  in their eyes, the Shaikh family has taken a decision to donate their conjoined twins body for the purpose of medical education.
  • Doctors said the conjoined twins body will be preserved and kept in the anatomy department for medical students to study.

They lost the battle of their life in just two days; they had not even been cradled in their mother’s arms for a second. At a time when any other mother would sob unconditionally and any father would have been anguished, the strength of character shown by the Shaikh family is heartfelt.

Raziya Shaikh had given a birth to conjoined twins on April 12. The twins were born with two heads, two hearts, two lungs and only one liver. The twins had been admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Dr Vaishampaiyan Memorial Government Medical College and were placed under 24/7 care with a team of specialist doctors.

But, just a day after on April 14, the conjoined twins lost the battle they were struggling against.

The family, who had been left devastated by the sudden event, took a very courageous decision of donating their conjoined twins body to a medical college.

The Shaikh’s have donated the body to Solapur’s Dr Vaishampaiyan Medical college for the medical students to study and observe.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Sunil Ghate, Dean of Dr Vaishampaiyan Medical College, Solapur said, “The family had suffered an irreplaceable loss of their conjoined twins. But, the family took a decision to donate the body to this institution. We have started the process of preserving the body. The body will be kept in a glass box, so that students can see it and learn. These cases are very rare; students get to read about this only in books. So, we have decided to keep it here for the students.”

Baba Mistry, a local corporator from Solapur, helped counsel the family. While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Baba Mistry said, “When I got to know about the child’s death. I met the family at the hospital and tried to convince the mother, father and grandfather. Finally, they all agreed when I told them the importance of donating the body.”

Dr Shakira Savaskar, head of paediatrics department who took care of the conjoined twins said, “The twins died on April 14. We had kept them on  ventilator support for two days. But, the family has taken a taken a bold decision to donate the body of the twins.”