BMC to provide behavioural training to ward boys and ayahs  

BMC heath committee is set to start a behavioural training course wherein ward boys and ayahs (female attendants) will be taught how to conduct themselves in a better manner. They will also learn how to communicate effectively with patients and their relatives and operate hospital machinery

BMC to provide behavioural training to ward boys and ayahs
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Many times, it is witnessed that patients and their relatives are inconvenienced due to harsh language used by ward boys and female attendants. This also leads to fights in the hospital.

To curb this BMC has decided to introduce behavioural training for ward boys and female attendants; this step is aimed at helping them improve their soft skills

Employees who report drunk on duty will be suspended. A number of corporators had raised the question regarding the attitude and language of the ward boys and female attendants.

BMC Health committee chairman Rohini Kamble has directed the health officers to take stern action against staff who misbehave.

Meanwhile, speaking to My Medical Mantra, BMC Health committee chief Rohini Kamble said, “Many a times it has been observed that ward boys and ayahs use very harsh language with the patients and relatives. That is why we have introduced this behavioural training course. Ward boys and ayahs will be trained how to talk to patients and how to guide the patients.”

The Health committee chief further added, along with behavioural training, technical training on handling hospital machinery and equipment will also be given to them.

In the month of February, due to the negligence of a ward boy, a 32 year old man had lost his life after he got sucked into the MRI machine in Nair hospital.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Ramesh Bharmal, Dean of Nair hospital said, “This step is very nice move. Ward boys and ayahs need behavioural training. This will help us serving the patients in better manner.”