BMC launches toll-free number for noise pollution

Noise pollution in Mumbai is increasing and it adversely affecting health. Still, songs are played loudly in the processions and parties without thinking about other’s health. So, the question arises is, where to complete about noise pollution. As a solution, Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has launched a toll-free number

BMC launches toll-free number for noise pollution

The noise pollution in Mumbai has increased in the past few years. Reasons- firecrackers, of vehicles, Dolby sound and DJ. This can affect the health of Mumbaikars. To curb noise pollution, BMC has launched a toll-free number. The municipal administration said that complaints regarding illegal posters, banners, constructions and so on, can be given on this number.

Complaints made by Mumbaikars will be taken promptly. For this, special officers have been appointed in each department. Police station wise, the list with the name and information of the officers to prevent and control noise pollution has been displayed on BMC’s web portal .

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, Mayor of Mumbai, said, “Not only noise pollution, this toll-free number has also been started to report complaints about air pollution. As, illegal construction work can give rise to infections and so on, which can also give rise to various health problems in future. An appropriate action will be taken after the complaint is lodged.”

Where to lodge the complaint:

  • Toll-free number 1800223467 has been started to report complaints regarding noise pollution on roads, illegal posters, banners and advertisement boards.
  • Complaints can also be registered on the toll-free number 1292, 1916 and message can be sent on the number 9920760525.
  • Email on

 Effects of noise pollution:

  • Loss of hearing and deafness
  • Cardiac disturbance
  • Sleeplessness
  • Headache
  • Irregular blood pressure
  • Stress, tension and aggressiveness
  • Psychological imbalance


  •  People must be made aware of the harmful consequences of noise pollution.
  • There should be proper regulations for the use of loudspeakers and other devices that produce noise beyond that are beyond the toleration limits of human-beings
  • Adequate measures should be taken to ensure that noise related restrictions are not violated.
  • Lower the volume of TV and radio
  • Do not honk unnecessarily
  • People should be made aware that excessive noise beyond certain limits may cause deafness.
  • Avoid using firecrackers