BMC commissioner asks Mumbaikars to ‘starve’ rats to curb diseases

The BMC Commissioner, Ajoy Mehta has a novel approach to deal with the spread of leptospirosis this monsoon. He has appealed to citizens to not throw leftover food out in the open, as doing so can lead to an easy source of food for rats, which in turn helps boost their numbers

BMC commissioner asks Mumbaikars to ‘starve’ rats to curb diseases

Come Monsoon and Mumbai is faced with a wide range of problems from flooding to a rise in water borne diseases. Rats particularly are a problem to Mumbaikars and civic officials alike as they are carrier of certain diseases.

People can fall prey to leptospirosis as it is transmitted from animals to humans. Last year, three deaths were reported to be caused by the disease. An outbreak of this disease can be hazardous for public health.

In order to curb the growing menace of rats, this year, the BMC commissioner has urged the citizens to ‘starve’ the rats. You will find this rather strange, or you will ask what does it mean to starve a rat?

A number of times, it happens that we throw leftover food on the roads, or in our society compound. Rats thrive on the food which is thrown on the roads, and that how they multiply in number. BMC officers state that if we maintain cleanliness then we will not face the issue of rodents infecting us with diseases.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rajan Naringrekar, chief of the BMC’s insecticide office said, “Nowadays, the issue of rodents have become a headache in a number of housing societies. This happens due to the unhygienic conditions. A number of times, people just throw the garbage on the roads and in their society compound. Owing to which, the rat issue becomes a problem for us.”

Naringrekar further said, “In order to deal with the rodent menace, the BMC commissioner has urged Mumbaikars to starve these rats. This will help prevent the increase of the rat populations. Till now, we have killed over one lakh rats in Mumbai.”

In order to kill the rats, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) takes various campaigns and drives. But, as responsible citizens it’s our duty as well to keep our city clean.