Blood banks in Mumbai to restart ‘Blood-on-Call’ service?

Maharashtra Health Minister Eknath Shinde assured the legislative assembly that the blood-on-call scheme in Mumbai will be restarted  if the demand for blood goes up

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The blood-on-call project was discontinued in Mumbai, but it will soon start again, state health minister Eknath Shinde in the Vidhan Sabha.

In 2013, this scheme was started on an experimental basis in Satara. The scheme received a positive response from people. In 2014, this scheme was started in Mumbai and all the other districts in Maharashtra.

But in April 2019 the blood-on-call scheme was abruptly shut in Mumbai. A question in regards with this was raised in the Vidhan Sabha from a member of the opposition party.

While replying to the question, Maharashtra health minister, Eknath Shinde said, “There isn’t a blood shortage in Mumbai. Also, there is also not much demand for blood, that is why we had stopped this scheme. But if in the future the demand rises we will restart this project.”

This scheme used to work through the JJ Mahanagar blood bank. This machines and instruments in the blood bank have remained shut since the scheme was discontinued. This blood bank has a storage capacity of 40,000 blood banks but at the moment, 2,500 to 3,000 blood bags are stored each month.

In reply to another question, Shinde said, “The JJ Mahanagar blood bank has the capacity to store 10,000 units of blood. But each month, 2,500 to 3,000 units of blood is stored. After sorting out the components of blood which include red blood cells, platelets and plasma. 9,000 blood components are stored.”