Biometric system: Hospital staff protests in KEM Hospital

The state government introduced the biometric system, so that doctors and the nurses are present at the hospital on time. But, the BMC hospital workers are united against the government’s decision. On Wednesday, at Mumbai’s KEM Hospital, the hospital workers are protesting against this decision

Biometric system: Workers protest at KEM Hospital

  • The salaries of nurses, medical officers and doctors working in the hospital in different shifts have not been released. Owing to which, around 150 paramedical staff protested outside DR Avinash Supe, Dean of KEM Hospital’s office.
  • The workers demanded to stop the application of the biometric process. After government’s order, the biometric system was set up in the hospitals. But, due to the technical problem in the machines, the salaries of many workers were cut to half as many workers were recorded to be absent at work.

Trishala Kamble, secretary, Municipal Nursing and Paramedical Staff Union, said, “We don’t oppose the biometric system. But, the system needs to be improved. The attendance has not been recorded due to the technical problems in the connection of BMC’s software and biometric system. Owing to which, salaries of 705 workers have been held. They said that the salaries will be released soon but, when we don’t know.”

Biometric system: Workers protest at KEM Hospital

She added, “Biometric system should be attached to the Aadhar card along with the salary. After which, the attendance should be recorded. But, the biometric system encounters technical problem. Since, the workers work in shifts the attendance is not recorded properly. Leaves are not recorded. Owing to this, the salaries have not been released. Not only this, the salary has been cut by saying that the working hours have not been completed.”

Speaking about the protest, Dr Avinash Supe, Dean, KEM Hospital said, “The salaries of the workers have been stuck due to the biometric system. The BMC administration has been informed regarding the same. And the salaries will be released soon.  Many are opposing the biometric system and are demanding to stop it. But, this is not possible and the biometric system will be improved as and when needed.”