Biometric attendance: Hospital staff protests at KEM and Nair Hospital

Staffers at the civic-run KEM Hospital protested against non-payment of salaries due to biometric attendance system introduced by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) across all its hospitals. The staffers protested at KEM as well as BYL Nair Hospital

Biometric attendance: Hospital staff protests at KEM and Nair Hospital

  • On Thursday, the staffers aggressively protested in the hospital premises.
  • On Wednesday, the staffers who protested at Dr Avinash Supe, the Dean of KEM Hospital’s office, were joined by the staffers from the BYL Nair Hospital.
  • Implemented across BMC-run hospitals, doctors, staffers and nurses have to use biometrics to register their entry and exit from hospital daily. But, due to the glitch the attendance wasn’t registered. And the salaries of the nurses, doctors and staffers were cut.
  • Owing to which the staffers haven’t got their salaries. Also, those who have got their salaries, their salary have been cut.
  • The nurses demanded to stop using biometric system and held it responsible for the salary cut.
  • As per the staffers, they will protest till the biometric system is stopped.

The staffers alleged that due to the technical glitch in the biometric systems, many staffers have been recorded absent. Owing to which, their salary was cut. Currently, 1,000 nurses are working in the hospital. Counting the number doctors and the other workers there are in all 14,000 staffers. But, the machine is insufficient for them. So, even if the staffers reach on time, there is a big queue for attendance.

Trishala Kamble, secretary, Municipal Nursing and Paramedical Staff Union, said, “Many haven’t got their salaries due to the technical glitch in the biometric system. On Wednesday, we protested at KEM Hospital. And met Dr Avinash Supe. He said that, he will look into the matter and assured that the salaries of the staffers which are stuck would be released.”

Dr Avinash Supe, Dean KEM Hospital said, “The biometric system started operating from November 2017. The biometric attendance was done in phases. Not only this, the time of work was not noted properly, 3 times late marks and since the attendance wasn’t recorded in the biometric system, so the salaries of the staffers are stuck due to the technical glitch in the machines.”