Biometric attendance: BMC hospital staff to protest on March 22

BMC hospital employees have not been given their salaries due to glitches in the biometric attendance system. The workers have demanded to remove the errors in the system before linking them to biometric attendance pay. Employees warn that if the administration does not fulfil their demands they will take out a protest march against the municipal corporation

Biometric attendance: BMC hospital staff to protest on March 22

  • Implemented across Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) run hospitals, doctors, staffers and nurses have to use biometrics to register their entry and exit from hospital daily. But, due to the glitch the attendance wasn’t registered. And the salaries of the nurses, doctors and staffers were cut.
  • Owing to which the staffers haven’t got their salaries. Also, those who have got their salaries, their salary have been cut.
  • The nurses demanded to stop using biometric system and held it responsible for the salary cut.
  • 70 per cent of the workers’ salary was deducted due to biometric system.
  • Municipal workers will be writing a letter to BMC commissioner, Ajoy Mehta regarding unpaid or cut salaries due to faulty biometric systems.

Trishala Kamble, secretary, Municipal Nursing and Paramedical Staff Union, said, “Till now, many BMC hospital staffers have not received their salaries. The government has given the BMC a deadline till March 22 to fix errors in the biometric system. If our demands are not accepted, then we will protest on March 22, to the BMC headquarters.”

Since July 2017, biometric attendance has been mandatory in Municipal Corporation. For this, 3,900 machines have been set up in various municipal offices. The municipal general administration department has clarified that if the attendance is not available in time, the salary of those days will not be credited. Therefore, the payment made in March has been cut short. There is a lot of anger among the municipal employees regarding this action.