Mumbai: Bike ambulance saves 9,967 lives within a year

It becomes very difficult to respond to an emergency due to heavy traffic, narrow roads and remote areas. Four wheeler ambulances cannot find its way out through these areas, hence a necessity of Bike Emergency Medical First Responder has risen where it can reach the victim in the stipulated period and respond immediately by giving the required first aid treatment


Ten bike emergency medical first response vehicle service was launched on August 02, 2017 by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis in the presence of Uddhav Thackeray, President of Shiv Sena.

Twenty more bike emergency medical first response vehicle were launched in May 18 by Maharashtra Health and Family Welfare Minister, Dr Deepak Sawant, State Transport Minister Diwakar Rawte, and State Education Minister Vinod Tawde.

Thirty bike emergency medical first response vehicles with well-trained EMS personnel are deployed in Cities and Tribal Locations. (Mumbai, Palghar, Amravati, Gadchiroli, Solapur).

Area  FR- Bike

  • Mumbai   18
  • Palghar     5
  • Amravati     5
  • Solapur     1
  • Gadchiroli     1
  • Total   30

After receiving call at 108 control room, nearest appropriate Bike Emergency Medical First Responder & ambulance is dispatched.

Bike emergency medical first responder has four kits – Trauma kit, Medical kit & Airway management kit and Delivery kit. Medical kit contains all emergency medicines like adrenaline, atropine, frusemide, inhalers etc., to take care of medical emergencies like Stroke, Heart attack, Asthma, etc.

  • Trauma Kit contains all necessary equipment’s like air splints to stabilize fractures, different bandages, antiseptic and analgesic sprays etc.
  • Airway Kit contains AMBU Bags to give artificial ventilation to adult, paediatric and neonatal patients, Oxygen Cylinder, Airways, Suction machine that takes care of Respiratory emergencies and Unconscious patients.
  • Delivery Kit contains all equipment’s like Gloves, Gowns, umbilical cord cutting scissors, cord clamps etc. with which emergency delivery can be conducted at home.Emergency patient served data – Aug 2017 to 31st Oct 2018


Type of Emergency Patients Served
Accident (Vehicle) 385
Assault 28
Burns                       11
Cardiac                      88
Fall 248
Intoxication/Poisoning 13
Labour/ Pregnancy 173




Mass casualty            24
Medical            5019
Poly Trauma            442
Suicide/Self Inflicted Injury           5
Others           3519
Total 9967