‘Bike Ambulance’ will soon hit Mumbai roads

The idea of ‘Bike Ambulance’ was floated by the State Government keeping in mind the congested roads of Mumbai

‘Bike Ambulance’ will soon hit Mumbai roads

Do you remember the scene from Aamir Khan Starrer movie ‘3 Idiots’ in which Aamir takes a critical patient on his bike to the hospital without waiting for an ambulance? The patient gets a new lease of life as he reaches the hospital on time. So something similar will happen in Mumbai as the innovative ‘Bike Ambulance’ will hit the roads soon and will be at your doorstep to assist you.

Ambulance takes a long time to reach the congested areas in Mumbai. Even a thought of our beloved one falling sick and after that a long wait for an ambulance scares us. So set all your worries free as ‘Bike Ambulance’ will come to your rescue. As the ‘Bike Ambulance’ will treat the patient. Bike ambulance will be a convenient option, as the patients would get the necessary treatment on time. The ‘Bike Ambulance’ will have a trained paramedic doctor and well equipped with medical gears.

Emergency can strike anytime as one can suddenly meet with an accident or a heart attack while walking on the road. In such case, the first one hour for the patient is important. So, you will be surprise to know that a number can save your life. Yes, you can call on 108 and the ‘Bike Ambulance’ will help you by providing a necessary treatment.

According to the information received by My Medical Mantra, “There will be a trained paramedic-doctor on ‘Bike Ambulance’. It will have all the necessary resources to provide primary medicines to patients. As the ambulance takes time to reach in the crowded areas due to the traffic. In this case, the ‘Bike Ambulance’ will give a first aid to the patient.”

State Government has given a nod for a bike ambulance which will help Mumbaikars during medical emergencies.  Here, we present you the first look of the novel ‘Bike Ambulance’.

‘Bike Ambulance’ will soon hit Mumbai roads
‘Bike Ambulance’

While talking about ‘Bike Ambulance’, the state’s Health Minister, Dr. Deepak Sawant said, “Traffic problem is very big in the metropolis like Mumbai. In such cases, ‘Bike Ambulance’ is very important to help the patient immediately.”

Dr. Sawant further said, “During an emergency, doctors will provide the primary treatment to the patient. And after that, by calling on 108, the patient will be taken to the hospital with the help of an ambulance. ‘Bike Ambulance’ trial has been carried out on an experimental basis in the State. And it will be soon introduced in other cities of Maharashtra.”

This ‘Bike Ambulance’ will be placed at important places like railway station, fire brigade. After Gujarat, Tamilnadu and Karnataka, Maharashtra will be the fourth state in the country to launch a ‘Bike Ambulance’.

The ‘Bike Ambulance consists of:

Emergency medical equipments

Air-Wear kit- With oxygen mask and other medical tools

Medicines, in case one suffers an heart attack

Burns spray

Injection and first aid

Small fire extinguisher and a trauma kit