Bhai dooj: Brother donates kidney to sister, happy sister thanks him for rare gift

Bhai dooj is a festival which celebrates the unique bond that a sister and brother share. The loving bond of a brother and sister is one of the most important relationships of all and the brother swears to protect his sister from all the difficulties. Acting promptly to this, a brother who gifted to his sister by donating his kidney is happy to see his sister back on track

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On bhai dooj, when sisters generally get gifts like cash, chocolates, clothes and so on, Rama*, a 30 year-old computer engineer has got a new lease of life. All thanks to her brother who came forward and donated his kidney.

A brother donating an organ to the sister is a rare sight. But, for Rama, it is the reality of life. Indeed, this bhai dooj is special for Rama as her brother Rahul* has set an example by doing this great deed.  This is the greatest gift; a sister could receive from brother.

Rama was a patient of chronic glomerulomephritis, which causes inflammation of kidney. Since her diabetic parents could not donate their kidney, her brother volunteered. After more than a year post surgery, both the brother and sisters are doing great and leading a healthy life.

Dr Bharat Shah, nephrologists from Global Hospital in Mumbai, said, “It is very rare that a male donated his organ to a female. In this case, we were glad to see the willingness of brother to donate an organ to his sister. Post-surgery, the patient is absolutely fine.”

Rahul*, (36) said, “The waiting list was too long and we did not want to wait. I have always taken care of her and she is integral part of my life. It was an emotional decision to donate my kidney to my sister which I cannot explain in words. Now seeing her full of life again is so satisfying.”

Post-surgery, this is the second bhai dooj that Rama is celebrating with sheer joy for life. “What can be more valuable than a gift in the form of organ donation by a brother? All other gifts in front of this are faint. I was so emotionally overwhelmed when my brother expressed his wish to donate his kidney. He gave me a chance to live my life.”

The surgery was complicated as the blood group of both the brother and sister were different. Doctor at Global Hospitals had meticulously performed pre-surgery. Ordinarily, an organ transplant with different blood groups possesses several challenges, but in Rama’s case the procedure was smoothly carried out. In this case the brother’s blood group was B positive, while the sister was O positive.

In another such case, a sister donated her kidney her brother last year at Global hospital in Mumbai. Dr Balkrishna Patel, practicing surgeon from Nandurbar district of Maharashtra was taking a treatment for his kidney since last two decades. “Last year, a point came when doctor asked me be prepare with kidney transplant. When I asked my sister she was more than willing to donate her kidney and luckily our blood group and cross matching was also a perfect match. Now I am 100 per cent fine and I do not know how to thank my sister who showed her generosity by giving me my life.”

(Names withhold on request)