Being overprotective can take a toll on your child’s self-confidence

Parents love their children very much, but sometimes the love becomes over protective and kids feel like parents intrude on their privacy by constantly acting like paparazzi. Clinical Psychologist Vasudha Deshpande Korde will guide the parents to know the difference between being involved in their children's lives and being overprotective

Being overprotective can take a toll on your child’s self confidence

A few days ago, I met a boy, who was around 20 to 21 years old. He was very frustrated as he didn’t like what he was doing. He cannot live life on his own terms. He appeared as a slave to me, as his parents constantly kept a watch on his every moment. Finally, he decided to ignore his parents and live life the way he wanted to. I could see him struggle to free himself of his parents controlling behaviour. But these harsh limits may temporarily control behaviour, but in the long run, the child can lose his self confidence and it can hamper his over-all development.

Parents should teach their child and love him and try to understand him. But often, the love turns into over protectiveness and the parents monitor the every single moment of the child. Parents want to ensure that they give the best of everything to their child, as the onus of a child’s failure or success is on the parents. Parents constantly worry about their child’s future, due to which they constantly keep a tab on their children. So often, parents fail to understand that their overprotective behaviour can stress out their child.

Being overprotective can take a toll on your child’s self confidence
Vasudha Deshpande Korde, Clinical Psychologist,
Mind Master Consulers

Today, many children face this problem. Overprotective parents send the message that their children can’t handle life’s challenges on their own. This can lead to a lack of self-confidence in these children. They may feel that if their parents don’t trust them with the freedom to make mistakes and tackle problems on their own, then they may not have the ability to succeed in life without the continued guidance of their parents.

Few days ago, an uncle visited me along with his son, who studied in 12th standard. His son has lost his self-confidence, was his complaint. After talking to the child, I came to know that wherever he went, his father would accompany him, so that the son doesn’t face any problem. Even parents of a 35-year-old man instruct them and they have no freedom to take any decisions on their own. And this problematic behaviour is annoying.

So give your child the space and liberty to take decisions on their own and deal with their problems. Let them make mistakes and learn from it. So that they can be capable enough to take up the challenges, face the world and live a better life.