Beed: ST bus driver drives 26 kms to save passenger

On Tuesday afternoon, a passenger traveling on board a ST bus from Beed to Pune suffered massive heart attack. The witty bus driver took the decision to shift the patient to a nearby hospital. He drove 26 kms to Beed district hospital but the patient couldn’t survive

Beed: ST bus driver drives 26 kms to save passenger

On Tuesday afternoon, patients who had come to Beed district hospital were shocked to see a State Transport bus parked in the hospital premises. No one knew what had happened. But, they later found out that one of the passengers had suffered a massive heart attack.

A passenger named Sayyed Jalal who was traveling on board Pune-Beed bus suffered a massive heart attack. By that time the bus had already reached 2 kms from Naigaon.

Passengers brought this to the notice of driver and conductor. With his presence of mind the driver immediately took the decision to take the bus to Naigaon primary heath care centre, but after examination doctors asked them to take the passenger to the Beed district hospital.

Without wasting much time the driver, C T Kadam drove the bus 26 kms, from the primary health centre to Beed district hospital.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, CT Kadam said, “The doctor at the primary health center asked us to take him to the district hospital. As an ambulance was not available. So then,  I decided to take ST to the district hospital, but unfortunately he did not survive.”

Saiyyad’s life could not be saved. However, the life-line of the rural people the ‘ST’ bus gave its very best to help the passenger with a medical emergency.