‘Be fit to be happy’

Says Dr Sargam Soni, Mumbai’s gynaecologist and fertility expert and the founder-head of Devdaan foundation. Discipline, Dedication and determination are the words synonymous to her. Dr Soni who is redefining fitness is a gym-junkie and also has also been a face of some brands. Come what may, she never compromises with her fitness routine. While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Soni spills the beans on her fitness formulas

'Be fit to be happy’

If you happen to meet Dr Sargam Soni, there is no way that you wouldn’t be in awe of her toned body and beautiful smile. She swears by her fitness regime and says that, if you need to be happy- you need to be fit, by mind and soul.

Her usual day starts at 6.30 am. She consumes 1 litre of water, once she wakes up.  “We must understand how our body works.  We need to drink water in the morning to settle everything in our body. I do not drink tea or coffee or aerated drinks at all.”


Before working out, she feeds herself to five almonds and walnuts. After which she hits the gym from 7.30am to 8.30am.  Cross fit, TRX, functional training, boot camp and weight training are the part of her exercise regime. She believes in trying different forms of exercises to break the monotony.

“I must thank my coach Vicky Dhaliwal for this. He literally introduced me to everything. I completely enjoy my gym sessions; I think that is why I keep fit. Fitness is my lifestyle.”

Dr Soni follows a healthy and a balanced diet. After a heavy gym session, she eats six egg whites with a glass of skimmed milk and dates. Around 10:00 am she takes her breakfast – home-made fresh fruit juice. “After this, I head straight to my out-patient department (OPD) till 1.30 pm. Then, I have my lunch — two multi-grain chapattis with a bowl of dal and veggies and buttermilk.”


Dr Soni eats  a fruit with vitamins at 4.30pm. “After this, I have my OPD again. I don’t prefer eating a lot in the evening.  At 9: 00 pm, a have full bowl of sprouts or veggies and salads. In case I am hungry post this, I drink a lot of water.”

The purpose of her planned diet and gym regime is her liking for fitness. “I was always concerned about fitness. It is so because, as a doctor I understand the troubles you invite by being obese. My day is super packed but that doesn’t mean I don’t do anything for myself. If I don’t take care of myself, then, who will?”