B’day Bash: 4 Pune friends organise a blood donation camp

While most of us choose to throw a lavish birthday bash, these four friends from Pune chose to set an example with a novel idea of organising a blood donation camp which will help tackle blood shortage. Thus, saving precious lives

B’day Bash: 4 Pune friends organise a blood donation camp

It would be a rather unusual birthday bash for four friends from Pune, who have come up with a unique idea. They want to celebrate their birthdays collectively on October 29, by organising a blood donation camp.

Since dengue is on the rise, there has been a shortage of blood bags in Pune. Owing to which, these four collectively decided to arrange a blood donation camp, instead of having a grand celebration.

The four friends – Bhushan Gire, Mangesh Shinde, Anuraj Sonawane and Aakash Shelar have their birthdays in the month of October dated 24, 27, 25 and 25 respectively.

These men approached ‘Raktache Nate,’ a charitable trust in Pune to set-up the blood donation camp. They have also tied up with Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, who will provide them with technical assistance.

B’day Bash: 4 Pune friends organise a blood donation camp

Anuraj Sonawane, one of the four friends, who works in animation company in Pune, said, “We all are friends and know each other, as we keep meeting up quite often at different blood donation camps. We are aware and understand about the importance of blood donation. As we keep donating our blood, but with this move we want to motivate our near and dear ones for the same and that is why we came up with this novel idea.”

Mangesh Shinde, said, “If nothing, everyone goes out for dinner on their birthday. Some celebrate their birthdays in a grand way. But we want to start and set a different trend. We want to motivate others by with our unconventional birthday celebrations.”

Ram Bangad, one of the trustees of the trust ‘Raktache Nate,’ which organises blood donation camps in the city, said, “Dengue cases in Pune are being reported daily and the blood shortage  is being witnesses everywhere, an initiative like this is a much needed one. This is a very positive initiative and it should become a new trend.”