#BaldIsBeautiful, says vivacious Sonali Bendre

Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre is currently undergoing cancer treatment in NewYork. On Friendship Day, she has posted a picture with her friend on the social media. The actress has stunned many by posting her picture sans hair.

Photo-Hritik Roshan

On the eve of friendship day, Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre, who is currently undergoing cancer treatment in the USA, has posted an emotional message with a picture of her friends on social media.

Sonali, who has been diagnosed with high-grade cancer, has shaved off her hair, as she is undergoing chemotherapy as part of her cancer treatment.

Sonali’social media post reads,

P.S Nowadays I spend far less time getting ready because I don’t have to fuss over my hairs! #BaldIsBeautiful #FriendsThePositive #OneDayAtATime

This is me. And in this moment, I am really happy. People give me strange looks when I say that now, but it’s true and I will tell you why. I am now paying attention to every moment, looking for every opportunity to find joy and #SwitchOnTheSunshine.

Yes, there are moments of pain and low energy, but I am doing what I like, spending time with the people I love and feeling very loved and happy.

I am extremely grateful to my friends, my pillars of strength, who at a moment’s notice, arrive to be with me and help me through this. In between their busy schedules, they find time to visit, call, message, FaceTime…basically never leaving a moment for me to feel alone. Thank you for showing what true friendship is.

#HappyFriendshipDay, ladies. Blessed to have you in my life (Including the ones not in the picture…You know who you are)