#WorldDisabilityDay: Badlapur couple opens first-of-its-kind orphanage for disabled animals

A couple residing in Badlapur, Maharashtra have started an orphanage called ‘Panavatha’ for handicapped animals. This place will exclusively cater to the needs of handicap animals. It is a facility like no other when it comes to taking care of these animals

Badlapur couple opens first-of-its-kind orphanage for disabled animals

This orphanage aims to provide the utmost care to the disabled animals which are brought in. All kinds of animals will be looked after at this hospital. Whether it be a dog, cat or monkey all animals will be treated with equal care and affection. It might have struck you, that if it is possible to run an orphanage for handicapped animals. But this couple have done just that.

Dr Archana Jain and Dr Ganraj Jain came together to set-up this orphanage. At times, disabled animals are abandoned by their owners on the streets. The couple thought about what things these animals have to go through and the difficulties they face. Thinking about this, they decided to build a place where these animals can live with dignity. These animals are treated it with the same love and affection, as one would treat their own child.


While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Ganraj Jain, said, “Since the past 12 years, I have been looking after animals who have been injured in accidents. I have been found of animals from the very beginning. There are many NGO’s and organisations which look after animals, but there are no centres which look after handicapped animals. Keeping this in mind, we both established this centre. Only disabled animals are looked after over here. My wife is a doctor, so she treats the animals, if treatment is required.”


At the moment, there are 25 different animals at ‘Panavatha.’ Dr Archana and Ganraj take good care of all these animals. Ganraj added, “Presently at the orphanage, we have a dog, a cat, a monkey, a duck, a turkey and various other animals. It is more challenging to take care of disabled animals. As it is important to give each animal, an equal amount of attention. And this proves to be difficult at times.”


Ganraj and Dr Archana have considered expanding the orphanage. According to Ganraj, if an expansion is done, then each animal will have an individual space for themselves. And we will be able to keep the things which the animal requires in that space. This is not any kind of shelter home. Over here, animals will be provided with lifelong care.


Just how a person requires love and affection, so does an animal. Ganraj concluded saying, “Animals require love, more than food; this is what I feel. After becoming handicapped, animals lose the will to live. But we have to give these animals hope and a reason to live.”

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