Awareness about organ donation helps saves four lives in Mumbai

An awareness of organ donation by a donor’s family has helped save four lives in Mumbai. We need more such families who are aware about the importance of organ donation and how this noble act can go a long way to intervene in the lives of others and enrich the with a healthy life

Awareness about organ donation helps saves four lives in Mumbai

Mumbai witnessed its 20th cadaveric donation of 2017, on Wednesday May 24. This donation helped in giving a new lease of life to four people.

A brain dead woman aged 24 was admitted at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, where she was undergoing treatment following a road accident, her family decided to give their consent to donate her organs.

Her heart, kidney and liver have helped save and enrich lives of four people, who were suffering from end stage disease. The heart, liver and kidney have been transplanted to patients at the Fortis hospital, while her second kidney was sent to a patient who wait-listed at a city hospital.

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, the donor’s uncle Mr Raja Louis said, “We knew about the concept of organ donation and readily agreed to donate; while we lost her early, we believe that she will continue to live with us within four deserving people”.

The donor was residing at Airoli, Navi Mumbai. The donor had met with a road accident on May 22. She was admitted at Fortis hospital with severe traumatic brain injury on the very same day. Doctors had pronounced her brain dead on May 24, and the family who were aware about the noble cause of organ donation consented to donate her vital organs.

One of recipients of who was given the donor’s heart is a 14-year-old boy from Byculla who is suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy, an end stage heart disease and had been on the wait list for a heart since March.

A female resident of Nashik, aged 27, who was suffering from Wilsons Disease and liver failure and had been wait-listed for a liver since the past four months, is the recipient of her liver. And her kidney has been given to a 27-year-old male suffering from chronic kidney disease.

As per the data provided by Zonal Transplant coordination Centre, last year, the organ donation was highest in 4 years with 58 cadaver donations: 91 kidneys, 58 livers, 34 hearts and one lung were transplanted to several ill patients in 2016.