#AwamAurJawan: Soldiers brave snow carrying pregnant women to the hospital on their shoulder

With the help of the army during the heavy snowfall in Jammu and Kashmir, a pregnant woman has given birth to twins. The Army came to help the woman at the right time and admitted her to Bandipore District Hospital in North Kashmir


As the northern states of India, has been facing nature’s fury with heavy snowfall which has blanketed the grown with thick cover of snow, the Indian Army has once again proven their mettle by coming to the aid of citizens in need.

With most of the remote, hilly areas cut off from the rest of the state due to unprecedented snow, which is at least three to four feet deep in some places, the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir have been facing a tough time. Most of the roads have been blocked due to snow and have been rendered unusable.

Although, the army has faced the ire of the citizens of the valley in the past, through stone-pelting, protest, and riots. Yet, it is the Indian army that is the first to step forward in the time of need to help their fellow Indians.

One such example was demonstrated on Sunday, February 08 when a heavy pregnant woman had to be taken to a hospital to give birth. The odds were stacked against the woman as the snow made it difficult for her to traverse in such conditions.


Apart from that the bone chilling conditions and snow-filled roads made the movement of vehicle was impossible. As the weather looked bleak, the husband called the company commander of the Thana’s Panar camp at Bandipore and asked the army for help to take his pregnant wife Gulshana Begum to the hospital. As it was necessary for the woman to be immediately rushed to the hospital, as she began experiencing labour pains.

The army swung into action to help the woman who was unable to reach the hospital.

In such a situation, the soldiers of Bandipore Rashtriya Rifles, braved the heavy snowfall and difficult conditions on the roads, reached the woman’s house.

The soldiers took the pregnant lady on their shoulders with the help of stretcher for two and a half kilometres. After this, the woman was taken to Bandipore District Hospital from an army ambulance. Considering the importance of each moment, the Army had already arranged for doctors before meeting the civilian officers before reaching the woman’s hospital.

Upon reaching the district hospital, the doctors examined the woman and also gave her the joyous news that she is going to be the mother of twins.

She was then transferred to Srinagar Hospital where she could be operated upon.  According to the officials of the Indian Army the woman gave birth to twins on the night of February 08.

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