Avid gymmers: Flex your muscles naturally, avoid steroids

A lot of youngsters use steroids to build their muscles and tone the body. Over the years the usages have increased rampantly. But fitness experts state that using steroids to build the body can be not only be harmful, but also life-threatening as well. My Medical Mantra informs you about the ill-effects steroids can impact your body in a negative way in the long run

Avid gymmers: Flex your muscles naturally, avoid steroids

Who doesn’t want to look good? We all do want to look good and try every possible means to do it. But, in today’s world, the youngsters want to look good within no time. They don’t want to earn their body; they want it in a quick time. And for that, they are willing to go to any extent.

Due to the gym culture, people have become more aware of their fitness. But, the means which have been chosen by them are landing them to the doorstep of the doctors. They are flexing their muscles in quick time, but the body internally is taking a toll of it.

My Medical Mantra spoke to ophthalmologist and experts in medicine to understand the ill-effects of steroids on the body.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Rajesh Jawade, a leading ophthalmologist from Amaravati Maharashtra said, “People especially younger generation should not use injectable steroids to build their body. They should refrain from it, and allow the body to shape on its own naturally. The use of injectable steroids can cause cataract or glaucoma. And these issues have been increasing in the age group of 22 to 23-year-old youngsters.”

Not only the eyes but the internal and vital organs in the body are also getting damaged due to the use of steroids.

Use of injectable steroids sometimes can be fatal as well. Dr Trupti Jawade who is MD (medicine), explains the various complications which are likely to arise due to the use of steroids.

“Those who use injectable steroids are likely to face the issue of hypertension. Also, if the condition worsens then it may lead to multi-organ failure as well. There is not a single vital organ in the body, which is not hit by the use of steroids. Right from the tow to the head, ill effects of the steroids can be seen throughout the body,” said Dr Trupti.

Side effects of steroids

  • Increase in weight.
  • Heart attack, cholesterol level rises.
  • Fatty liver and liver ailments.
  • Kidney stone or kidney related ailments.
  • Rashes on the skin.
  • Mood swings and changes in the voice.

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