Do you stand for longer period? You may suffer from varicose veins

A lot of people suffer from varicose veins and the number is continuously increasing. But there is a lack of awareness regarding the same. Owing to which, on September 23, Wockhardt hospital organised a free camp and a workshop to educate people about this neglected condition. More than 100 people from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai participated in this camp

Do you stand for longer period? You may suffer from varicose veinsVaricose veins are caused by standing for longer period or by standing and working continuously. To create awareness amongst the masses, Sterling Wockhardt hospital of Vashi organised a workshop. According to doctors, if one stands and works continuously on one place, then they suffer from varicose veins. Varicose veins are enlarged, swollen, and twisting veins, […]

Touch his right hand, and he gets epileptic seizures

A Mumbai boy has a peculiar trigger for epilepsy; he gets seizures if his right hand is touched. While some doctors say this could be a result of deprivation of oxygen in the brain at the time of birth, others say most people with reflex epilepsy get the seizures with spontaneous or unprovoked stimuli

Touch his right hand, and he gets epileptic seizuresShreedhar Joshi (name changed) was just three days old when he got his first epileptic attack. His paediatrician in Malad prescribed medicines, but the little boy’s health issues did not end there. When he was six months old, he suffered a terrible fall at home following which he would suffer from at least four seizures […]

‘It was disheartening to see Eman’s failing spirits in the past few days’

Said Abu Dhabi’s doctor who was in-charge of Eman Ahmed’s care at the ICU in Burjeel hospital. He talks to My Medical Mantra about his fondness for her. He explained that she had a multi-organ failure and her condition deteoriated very fast in 24 hours. Her body left the hospital at 1am (Abu Dhabi time) today morning. She will be buried at Alexandria today after few hours

‘It was disheartening to see Eman’s failing spirits in the past few days’‘I will miss Eman. She was more than a patient to me. She had become a family,” said Dr Nehad Halawa, head of intensive care unit, who was also in-charge of her treatment at Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi. Eman Ahmed, who is well known as the ex-heaviest woman in the world, died at 4.35 am on Monday morning […]

Mumbai man spends Rs ‘7 lakhs’ on cosmetic procedures to solve his apparent deformities

A young man in his mid-20’s has come up with a peculiar problem of spending more than Rs 7 lakhs on cosmetic surgeries inspite of no apparent deformities. This explains something that Ileana D’ Cruz spoke about in an ad, recently. The tinsel town is in the ‘confession’ mode with more and more actors coming forward discuss their ailments or disorders. Recently the Barfi fame, Ileana D’ Cruz has opened up about her fight with BDD

Mumbai man spends Rs ‘7 lakhs’ on cosmetic procedures to solve his apparent deformitiesNeelesh Shah (name changed) had a unique problem. With no visible major deformities, he walked up to the Sion Hospital on a usual Monday morning about three months ago as he was referred by a dermatologist. He walked hurriedly and sat across the psychiatrist to get better. “He had already spent about Rs 7 lakhs […]

Meet Urmila Mahajan, who ensures timely organ donations in the city

The last few years has seen the awareness about organ donation rising. There are a lot of hands that help in organ donation, and that is precisely why the Zonal Transplant Coordination Committee (ZTCC) plays a crucial role in making organs available to the patients. The current coordinator of ZTCC is Urmila Mahajan, who makes sure that organs reach the right place at the right time

Meet Urmila Mahajan, who ensures timely organ donations in the cityA lot is being done in the country to create awareness about organ donation. However, a lot more needs to be done on the front, even in the medical fraternity. “When people ask about organ donation to doctors, many a times doctors themselves do not know about it,” she said. She is working in the […]

Meet Dr Pallavi Darade who ensures your food’s safety

Food and Drug Administration Maharashtra State is the State’s prime organisation of consumer protection. It is a trusted agency to ensure that the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act fairly upholds safety standards and protects consumers. Commissioner is the head of the Administration and Drug Control Laboratory. Currently, Dr Pallavi Darade is the commissioner of FDA Maharashtra

Meet Dr Pallavi Darade who ensures your food’s safetyIt has been few months since Dr Pallavi Darade has taken the charge of FDA commissioner. She has already taken important decisions in terms of food safety. The most important decision is to train personnel at temples and the staff at restaurants across the state in terms of food safety. “I have very limited human resource. So there […]

Dr Amarapurkar death: BMC says employees not responsible

In an interesting turn of events; the committee that was formed to probe Dr Amarapurkar’s death has submitted a report that states that the employees of the municipal corporation did not open the manhole which eventually led to the death of the doctor

Dr Amarapurkar death: BMC says employees not responsibleWhile the city reeled under the rains on the August 29, one of the most saddening news was that of Dr Deepak Amarapurkar’s death by falling into a manhole. A committee, by the name of Vijay Singhal was formed to probe into his death. The committee report was submitted on the September 21, to the […]

‘Hat trick for paediatric Heart’ transplants in Mumbai

In last one month, Mumbai has witnessed three paediatric heart transplants. Lack of paediatric donors led to families traveling down south for heart transplants. My Medical Mantra tries to understand what has changed positively for heart transplants

‘Hat trick for paediatric Heart’ transplants in MumbaiIt won’t be wrong to say that awareness about heart transplants has risen in the past few years. All thanks to the organ donation drives and trained experts from Mumbai who have come forward to take on the bandwagon. The month from August 20 to September 20 has been a wonderful one for paediatric heart […]

Villagers come forward to help the ailing ‘Krushna’

Krushna Sadgir, an eight-year-old who got his heart transplant done yesterday is getting better now. However, family is now concerned about pooling the funds. At this time, the villagers have come forward to do all that they can to collect funds to help the child

Villagers come forward to help the ailing ‘Krushna’Ever since Krushna Sadgir, the eight-year-old with a rare heart defect underwent a heart transplant yesterday, the family has been under immense pressure about collecting funds. In such a crisis situation, the villagers of Muthalne in Ahmednagar district have come forward to help the ailing child’s family.  In fact, the villagers have undertaken a unique […]

Alzheimer’s in India under-reported, say doctors

On World Alzheimer’s Day, My Medical Mantra looks at how an important degenerative disease of the brain like Alzheimer’s still goes unreported in India. Doctors say that lack of knowledge about the disease leads to late diagnosis affecting the patients’ response to the treatment in negative way

Alzheimer’s in India under-reported, say doctorsAs we look forward to celebrate the World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21 tomorrow, we look at how many people in the country still remain unaware about the condition, leading to many cases going unreported and untreated. The disease is most common in people 60 years and older. Globally India houses the second most number of individuals […]
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