Know about Rani Mukherjee’s ailment in ‘Hichki’

Rani Mukherjee starrer ‘Hichki’ is a treat to watch. Rani plays Naina Mathur who has Tourette syndrome which forces an individual to make involuntary repetitive movements or sounds. The film focuses on turning disadvantages into opportunities and staring down at challenges that life throws at one and ultimately winning over them. In a subject that hasn’t been touched upon much owing to its rarity and absence of a definitive cure. Here’s your guide to know about the disease

Know about Rani Mukherjee’s ailment in ‘Hichki’Rani Mukherjee’s  ‘Hichki’ is gaining a lot of attention. The movie throws light on the Tourette syndrome. Famous personalities who are said to have the condition are Beethoven and Mozart, David Beckham and Marc Eliot. Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a neurological disorder in which a person has continuous and regular involuntary movements and tics. The […]

Nashik: Doctors undertake road safety awareness drive

Everyone knows the traffic rules. But, sometimes we tend to neglect it. Accidents can occur if the traffic rules aren’t followed which in turn can be fatal to the health. To create awareness about traffic rules so that people can follow it, the Nashik doctors have come forward

Nashik: Doctors undertake road safety awareness driveFamily Physician’s Association, National Integrated Medical Association and Nashik Traffic police has undertaken an initiative to create awareness about the traffic rules which will help to avoid accidents for 5 days (from Monday to Friday). Through it, awareness is being created at signals by the policemen and the doctors. The doctors are creating awareness about […]

Mumbai: Construction worker impaled by rod in thigh, survives

An iron rod pierced through construction worker Ram Yadav’s right thigh which went through his bone. The worker survived miraculously as the doctor’s remove dthe rod by removing his skin and cutting the muscles. This is a third case in past few days

Mumbai: Construction worker impaled by rod in thigh, survivesJanuary: 5ft long rods pierced through Rajendra Pal’s chest and abdomen. Doctors from GT Hospital performed the surgery March: Salim Sheikh was impaled by 4ft rod. Doctors from Sir  J J Group Of Hospitals performed a surgery March: While working at a construction site, Ram Yadav was impaled by the rod Since last few months, […]

Can we promise pregnancy to every woman today?

Today, fertility treatment is purely scientific and precise, targeted to determining the cause and treating it. Besides, almost every hurdle can be overcome with the help of amazing options. For example, a woman without a uterus can still have her own child by borrowing another’s womb!

Can we promise pregnancy to every woman today?In a normal couple During normal sexual activity, semen which consist of millions of sperms, is deposited in the vagina. From there the active and motile sperms travel into the fallopian tube to meet the egg which is released from the ovary once a month. This is where fertilization of the egg occurs. The fertilised […]

Shocking! 1 lakh Mumbaikars bitten by dogs

Dog bite has become a grave issue in Mumbai. The number of patients suffering from dog bite in BMC clinics is going up. As per the figures released by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), in the year 2015-2017, total 64,934 patients who came to take treatment were bitten by the dogs. 11,432 people were bitten by the dogs in the city. 31,293 people were bitten by the dogs in the western suburbs. 22,179 people were bitten by the dogs in the eastern suburbs who were treated in the hospitals

Shocking! 1 lakh Mumbaikars bitten by dogsAs per the BMC’s figures: From March 2015- February 2016: 80, 934 people were bitten by dogs From March 2016- February 2017: 82, 546 people were bitten by the dogs From March 2017- February 2018: The figures increased up to 1 lakh 9 thousand 563 The number of stray dogs in Mumbai and Maharashtra is […]

World Water Day: Drink safe, clean, boiled water

World Water Day is observed every year on March 22 to focus on the importance of access to clean and fresh water, sanitation, and hygiene, which are huge challenges in developing nations in particular. The need for clean drinking water cannot be overemphasised, as contaminated water (in water bodies) can lead to a whole host of ailments such as gastrointestinal infection, cholera, and dysentery, which can cause life-threatening forms of diarrhoea

World Water Day: Drink safe, clean, boiled waterIn 2010, the United Nations’ General Assembly recognised water and sanitation as human rights. It is not just about access to water, but it is also about the quality of water people drink. There are more than 663 million people around the world who live without supply of safe water near their homes; several people […]

Head injuries can be prevented by adopting safe riding practices

Mumbai Police issued an e-Challan to actor Kunal Khemu who posted an apology on Twitter for riding a sports bike without helmet. After which the actor apologised and accepted the punishment. So, to ensure the safety of citizens, on the occasion of World Head Injury Awareness Day on March 20, Fortis Hospitals- Mulund, Mahim and Navi Mumbai along with the city’s traffic department organised a day-long initiative aimed at creating awareness amongst motorists and pedestrians about road safety, importance of usage of helmets, seatbelts, and most importantly, following lane discipline

Head injuries can be prevented by adopting safe riding practicesThe day long initiative was conducted at the Bandra and Mahim junctions, Shivaji Circle, Navi Mumbai and Bhandup-Sonapur and Nahur-Airoli junctions respectively. The team educated motorists about traffic rules and shared information about first aid, to equip motorists to tackle accidents. With the growing number of road accidents in the country, the initiative was a […]

Journey of Mumbai’s first paediatric heart transplant recipient

Sweden D’souza was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in 2015, received a heart from a 20-year-old donor from Indore in Jan 2016. Today, she leads a normal life. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, her father talks about the importance of organ donation and Sweden’s journey till now. Also, last year, she successfully passed her HSC exams securing a first class!

Journey of Mumbai’s first paediatric heart transplant recipientAbout two years ago, in 2015 Vikhroli’s resident Anthony D’Souza and his wife were shocked when they learnt that their beloved daughter Sweden, aged 17 at the time, was diagnosed with end stage heart disease. All they knew then was that she ardently needed a heart transplant. It was on January 2, 2016, that the […]

Irrfan Khan tweets he has ‘NeuroEndocrine Tumour’, know what is it

With the Bollywood Superstar tweeting about his diagnosis of NeuroEndocrine Tumour, My Medical Mantra explains what it means

Irrfan Khan tweets he has ‘NeuroEndocrine Tumour’, know what is itUnconventional powerhouse of talent, Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, who is known for displaying his impeccable acting skills in the flicks like ‘Piku’, ‘Lunch Box’, ‘Hindi Medium’ and having acted in more than 100 films, revealed via twitter post that he is suffering from ‘NeuroEndocrine Tumour’. “Learning that I have been diagnosed with NeuroEndocrine Tumour as of now has […]

Switching medications? Consult a doctor

As per a recent study, none of the five most commonly prescribed diabetes pills in India that combine metformin with other medicines have gone through rigorous testing meeting standards laid out by the WHO. It suggests that Indian patients taking these combinations should discuss with their clinicians before making a switching to a different agent

Switching medications? Consult a doctorAbout 8 months ago, Lekha Shah (name changed) was given medicines to control her heart beat which was unusually fast. However after many dosages, the heartbeat couldn’t be controlled. That’s when the doctor grew puzzled. “A detailed check-up revealed that the pharmacist gave her a wrong drug by misreading the name of the medicine. This […]