Abandoned baby saved by Mumbai police to undergo surgery

On Monday evening, Mumbai police’s tweet about rescuing an abandoned infant in Kanjurmarg, hit the headlines. Immediately after the news spread, the infant was admitted to Sion Hospital and LTMG medical college. The infant is fine now, informed the hospital

Abandoned baby saved by Mumbai police to undergo surgeryOn the wee hours of Monday morning, an abandoned baby was found in an auto rickshaw in suburban Mumbai. After which, the infant was immediately admitted to the Sion Hospital by the police. The baby girl has been identified with a brain condition. However, she is fine now. “Yesterday, the baby was brought to us by the […]

Know how to use a public washroom safely

Using a public washroom can be uncomfortable, as people are hesitant to enter it, due to the fear of contracting germs and bacteria. Here, experts give you tips to use a public washroom in most hygienic way

Know how to use a public washroom safelyPublic restrooms are not always the cleanest places to visit. Even a clean public restroom can harbour many germs just by the fact that so many people use the same facility all day long. Owing to which, experts advise to follow a proper hygiene. Dr Niranjan Chavan, Professor, Gynaecology Department at LTMG (Sion) Hospital said, “One […]

Shocking: Kerala doctors live shorter than lay man

Doctors’ life is often considered to be healthy, mainly because they know the importance of a healthy lifestyle. But according to a study released by Indian Medical Association (IMA) in Kerala on November 20, revealed the unbelievable facts

Shocking: Kerala doctors live shorter than lay manDoctors serve souls for their healthy being. Going by logic, doctors aren’t supposed to fall sick. But, contrary to this belief, an insightful study by the IMA in Kerala has found that doctors in Kerala have a shorter life span, compared to layman, due to unhealthy lifestyle and stressful working conditions. The study enumerates largely […]

Experience in a chemist shop doesn’t qualify a person as ‘pharmacist’

All India Organisation of Chemists and Druggists (AIOCD), had demanded to register those in pharmacy council, who have spent more than five years in the chemist's shop. However, the Pharmacy Council Of India, rejected this demand. The Pharmacy Council Of India, has written a letter to the central government saying, those who do not have a pharmacy degree will not be registered in the Pharmacy Council Of India

Experience in a chemist shop doesn’t qualify a person as ‘pharmacist’Since the year 2008, All India Organisation Of Chemists and Druggists, have been demanding that those who work in the chemist shop should be made a pharmacist. In the year 2013, Jagannath Shinde, the president of All India Organisation Of Chemists And Druggists, wrote a letter to the health minister by demanding the same. To […]

Mumbaikars battle with poor air quality and untimely rains

Mumbaikars welcomed the week with untimely spells, hitting the city in the morning with little or no scope for sunrays. However, as the clock hit 12:00 in the noon, the weather got back to usual, leaving people sweaty and displeased. According to doctors, the unpredictability in the weather is worrisome

Mumbaikars battle with poor air quality and untimely rainsOn Monday morning, the untimely November rain, has caught people off-guard. Doctors are now concerned. As, this humid weather may lead to respiratory issues. According to System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), Mumbai has moderate to poor air quality causing for worry among doctors across city. Andheri, Mazgaon, Navi Mumbai had […]

Simple ways to save your skin and hair from air pollution

Air pollution takes a toll on the skin and hair. While most people know that outdoor air pollutants can be harmful to health, not everyone realises that even indoor pollutants can cause skin problems. Experts tell you, how to protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of air pollution

Simple ways to save your skin and hair from air pollutionAs if the threat that pollution brings to the planet wasn’t bad enough, it also puts your skin and hair’s health in danger said experts. Dr Apratim Goel, Dermatologist and laser surgeon of Cutis Skin Studio, said, “Apart from sun damage,  damage is also done by the tiny air particles. As, they get into skin […]

How to strike a balance between junk and healthy food

Consuming junk food on a regular basis gives us too many calories, unhealthy fat and carbohydrates, which contributes to an increased risk of obesity, acidity, and many other chronic health conditions. Here, the nutritionists tell you how to balance junk and healthy food

How to strike a balance between junk and healthy foodAccording to nutritionists, it is important to find a balance between healthy with junk food. Ankita Ghag, clinical nutritionist, Co-founder and director, Vacchan Arogya said, “If you consume junk food make sure that you compensate by eating healthy food,  the previous or the next day.” Nutritionists emphasised on controlling the portions while consuming junk food. […]

Air pollution ups COPD cases in metros, say docs

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is broad term to describe progressive lung disease that may include emphysema, bronchitis, breathlessness and irreversible asthma and so on. With Delhi’s smog becoming a discussion in the entire country, a burning question about non-regulated air pollution is in front of us. My Medical Mantra tries to understand how air pollution is a leading cause of rising COPD in metro cities

Air pollution ups COPD cases in metros, say docsDelhi’s smog has become the topic of discussion these days. With air pollution becoming one of the prominent causes for COPD, doctors across the countries say it is worrisome. Most cases of COPD are caused by inhaling pollutants; that includes smoking (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, etc.), and second-hand smoke. Owing to which, people experience breathlessness and […]

Counselling helps moms to bring up healthy preemies, finds survey

Being a mother of a premature baby can be quite difficult owing to the cluelessness of the whereabouts of the nutrition for the child. According to a new survey conducted by a leading healthcare and research foundation, mothers with information about nutrition are four times more prepared than those mothers who have not undergone any counseling during delivery

Counselling helps moms to bring up healthy preemies, finds surveyPreemies need special medical care in a neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU. They stay there until their organ systems can work on their own. According to World Health Organization, India tops the list of 10 countries with the greatest numbers of preterm births with an elephantine figure of 3,519,100 births a year. Every year, an […]

7 sexual fears that haunt men

Responding to such sexual fears with a mature self-understanding and cooperation of the partner is the first and the most important step, and often nothing more may be required. If however, the fears persist, help of a professional ‘sex and relationship counsellor’ may be needed

7 sexual fears that haunt menThey may brag about their conquests or boast about their virility, but there are so many common fears about their sex life that haunt their minds. 1) Fear of Impotence: ‘Anxiety about impotence’ ranks first in order of prevalence, in all the sexual fears that men bear. Ironically, the fear itself is the greatest cause […]