Soon: BMC to start ‘Bike Ambulance’ service

Emergency can strike anytime as one can suddenly meet with an accident or a heart attack while walking on the road. In such cases, the first one hour for the patient is important. So, you will be surprised to know that a phone number can save your life. Yes, you can call on 108 and the ‘Bike Ambulance’ along with the doctor will be running it, which will help you by providing a necessary treatment. Now, BMC has decided to start ‘Bike Ambulance’

Soon: BMC to start ‘Bike Ambulance’ serviceAmbulance takes a long time to reach the congested areas in Mumbai. Even a thought of our beloved one falling sick and after that a long wait for an ambulance scares us. So set all your worries free as ‘Bike Ambulance’ was started. Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Rohini Kamble, chairman, BMC health committee said, “Ambulance […]

‘Doctors need to be more humane’ says heart recipient doctor

On Thursday, it was a story telling treat for Puneites by doctors. As a scientific program seminar was arranged by Sassoon General Hospital (SGH) in Pune. A neuro-physician, who is himself a cadaver heart recipient, shared his story on how gratifying it was when he started his new life post-transplant. Doctors at the seminar narrated the story of first heart transplant in the city. Audience were thrilled when they saw and listened to how city’s first heart transplant took place.

‘Doctors need to be more humane’ says heart recipient doctor“Post-transplant, when I saw how non-medico staff was taking my care, I understood doctors need to be more human. Before transplant, i wanted to be best doctor in the city; I used to count money that I used to make out of my practice. But, transplant was a life changing moment. Experience that I have […]

‘Next Raksha Bandhan, I will tie her rakhi as she saved my life’

One of the biggest tragedies for a parent is to see their kids suffer. Unfortunately, this is a tragedy that a lot of parents in the world are destined to undergo. One such couple from Akola has taken to crowd-funding to provide treatment for their 7-year-old

‘Next Raksha Bandhan, I will tie her rakhi as she saved my life’Every month, when Supesh Suralkar is taken to the hospital for blood transfusion, he asks is why he is not sent to school like his siblings. He calls his monthly treatment as ‘shakti’. Towards the end of every month, his power levels drop drastically making him feel weak and tired. It’s only after a painful […]

Pune witnesses a surge in lung disease, say experts

At a special media interaction on Wednesday, Pulmonologist, Dr Mahavir Modi, said, Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF), a chronic and ultimately fatal disease characterised by a progressive decline in lung function, has gone up in Pune. Dr Modi stated that lung transplant remains the only way to treat this disease but stated that lung transplant is presently not available in Pune which is a major concern

Pune witnesses a surge in lung disease, say expertsHe spoke about the need to spread awareness about Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis stating that early diagnosis of the disease can help in treating the patients more efficiently. He added that since past two to three years he has been diagnosing close to 12-15 new patients every month with IPF. While, earlier only around one patient […]

Smart tips to get rid of those embarrassing hiccups

Most people have experienced the uncomfortable, sometimes quite noisy condition known as hiccups. You might wonder why they occur? Do they serve some purpose? Know it all from the doctors

Smart tips to get rid of those embarrassing hiccupsHiccups occur in practically every human being, including babies and older adults. They occur when your diaphragm (the thin layer of muscle that separates your chest cavity from your abdomen) suddenly and involuntarily contracts (tightens) said doctors. Dr Amol Wagh, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgeon and Assistant Professor at Sir JJ Group of Hospitals said, “Causes can […]

‘Cancer is not only patient’s but family’s battle’

Prakash Puramwar, was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) in 2012. GBM is the most aggressive brain cancer with median survival rate of 12 to 15 months in patients who get surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. His recent reports suggest that after five year post diagnosis, there is no recurrence of tumour

‘Cancer is not only patient’s but family’s battle’‘Where there is great love there are always miracles,’ mentions the board put outside the oncology OPD in Ruby Hall Clinic, Pune. “This quote on the board inspired us to not to give up on my father’s treatment,” said Amar Puramwar, son of 63-year-old cancer survivor. When there is handful of cases of survival with […]

HIV: NGO’s campaign to find a suitable match

People suffering from HIV or AIDS find it difficult to search for a suitable match. Mumbai District AIDS Control Society is tirelessly working for the same. The part of this network of people living with HIV has organised a campaign. This is the 11th year of the organisation. Till now, many men and women with HIV have found a suitable match

HIV: NGO’s campaign to find a suitable matchThe fear of contracting the disease combined with negative feelings, people have contributed towards the stigma that is associated with HIV/ AIDS. What makes it worse is the social taboo that is associated with the disease often forcing patients to keep the disease hidden from others. But, these patients also need support and care. So, […]

PM Modi to inaugurate World TB summit

India continues to have the highest number of tuberculosis (TB) cases in the world, stated the Global TB Report 2017 released by World Health Organization (WHO). In India, an estimated 27.9 lakh patients were suffering from TB in 2016 and up to 4.23 lakh patients were estimated to have died during the year. Owing to which, in the month of March, a world TB summit will be conducted under the guidance of the experts in Delhi

PM Modi to inaugurate World TB summitTuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease that usually affects the lungs and weakens the immune system. As per information received by My Medical Mantra, the summit will be held from March 13 to 16. PM Modi will inaugurate the same. Speaking about the 1st TB summit which will be held in India, Dr Sunil Kharpade, deputy director general […]

Mumbai: Dr BK Goyal accorded state funeral

Dr BK Goyal passed away on Tuesday at 12 noon at his resident owing to a massive cardiac arrest. The 82-year-old was known to the world for having received top civilian awards — the Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri. His last rites were performed at Banganga today. He was accorded state funeral

Mumbai: Dr BK Goyal accorded state funeralAround 10:00 am, Dr BK Goyal’s dead body was brought to Banganga banganga crematorium. Around 11:00 am, after which he was cremated. Along with Sushilkumar Shinde, a former union home minister, many doctors and his family were present. CM Devendra Fadnavis mourned DR Goyal’s death. He said, “Due to his impeccable work. Not only in India, […]

‘Dr Goyal’s death is a huge loss for the state’ says Girish Mahajan

Dr BK Goyal passed away on Tuesday noon at 12. On his sad demise, My Medical Mantra talks to famous doctors and his colleagues who call him a ‘relentless workaholic’ and ‘gem of a person’

‘Dr Goyal’s death is a huge loss for the state’ says Girish MahajanIt came as a rude shock on Tuesday noon that internationally renowned cardiologist, Dr BK Goyal passed away. “This is a huge loss for the state,” said Girish Mahajan, Medical Education Minister of Maharashtra, “I’ve know him for over 10 years now. He was a gem of a person. He would treat poor patients for free.” Ask anyone […]