Aurangabad: Nurse arrested in connection with illegal abortion

The police have arrested a nurse in Aurangabad for allegedly carrying out illegal abortions. A woman, who was coerced to undergo an abortion by her family, filed a case against the nurse. The police have seized abortion pills and instruments required to carry out an abortion from her house

Aurangabad: Nurse arrested in connection with illegal abortion
The alleged location where the illegal abortion centre was set up

The Aurangabad police have arrested a nurse, after a woman filed a complaint with the police against the nurse alleging her of conducting illegal abortions.

Lalita Khade, a 40 year-old woman, was arrested on Friday from Bhalgaon area of Aurangabad. According to the police, Lalita Khade was working as a nurse, but since the past few months she has started an illegal abortion centre in Aurangabad.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Police Inspector Ashok Mudiraj attached to the Pundalik Nagar police station said, “We have arrested Lalita for carrying out illegal abortion. We have also seized a diary from her possessions, which contain phone numbers of several people. We are yet to analyse it. Based on the interrogation and diary we are trying to find out whether there are other illegal abortion centres in the area.”