Aurangabad: Avid gym-goer loses kidney due to excessive protein consumption

A lot of youngsters use steroids to build their muscles and tone the body. Over the years the usages have increased rampantly. But fitness experts state that using steroids to build the body cannot only be harmful, but also life-threatening as well

man doing workout in gym

Who doesn’t want to look good? We all do want to look good and try every possible means to do it. But, in today’s world, the youngsters want to look good within no time. They don’t want to earn their body; they want it in a quick time. And for that, they are willing to go to any extent.

A few days ago a 25-year-old youth had come to Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital, Aurangabad, with a complaint of kidney ailment

Doctors were stunned to know, in order to build his body, the youngster was consuming 40 eggs a day

The excessive intake of protein and steroids proved to the cause of behind his kidney failure

Dr Sudhir Kullkarni, Professor and HOD of the Nephrology department at MGM Hospital, Aurangabad, said, “During the past few days, we have treated two patients, whose kidney had failed due to excessive consumption of protein and steroids to build their body. Both were into extreme gymming and, one of them consumed 40 eggs a day to boost protein intake. The excess consumption of protein has affected his kidney. He has lost his one kidney, and needs a transplant for the same.”

Due to the gym culture, people have become more aware of their fitness. But, the means which have been chosen by them are landing them to the doorstep of the doctors. They are flexing their muscles in quick time, but the body internally is taking a toll of it.

“These days we are witnessing a steep rise in cases, where patients come to us with kidney ailments, like stones which are due to excessive use of vitamins and proteins. The fad among the youngsters to build a six-pack body eventually takes a toll on them,” he added.

Dr Kulkarni informed, in case of the second boy, we have managed to save his kidney at the right time.