Assault on doctors: IMA declares indefinite strike, 40,000 doctors to go off work starting today

Amidst the tussle between the state government and doctors on strike, members of Indian Medical Association (IMA), Maharashtra, have decided to go on an indefinite strike starting today in support of resident doctors who are protesting rising assaults on doctors across the state

Assault on doctors: IMA declares indefinite strike, 40,000 doctors to go off work starting today
Nearly 4,500 resident doctors are on mass leave in medical colleges of the state saying they are afraid to treat patients following the assault cases reported from across Maharashtra

Amidst the tussle between the state government and doctors on strike, members of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) from Maharashtra have decided to go on an indefinite strike starting today in support of resident doctors who are protesting rising assaults on doctors across the state.

There are around 40,000 doctors as members of IMA in Maharashtra and the decision of these private doctors going on immediate indefinite strike was taken in IMA Maharashtra state meeting held today.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Anil Pachnekar, Chairperson Action Sub Committee, IMA (Maharashtra), said, “At IMA, we are extending unconditional support to medical students. We have decided to go on an indefinite strike till the government takes action.”

As resident doctors entered the third day of their strike, the state government issued notices asking them to resume work or face action, IMA said it backs the doctors as they are only asking for security.

“Instead of solving the issue, the government has been threatening resident doctors to resume work with suspension and expulsion notices. They have been threatened with a 6-month pay cut. Resident doctors are only asking for security. Is the issue that big for the government that it cannot be resolved,” questioned Dr Shivkumar Utture, Treasurer, IMA (Maharashtra).

IMA said they were waiting for the government to take concrete steps, but after the recent developments, it has decided to go on indefinite strike.

The organisation said it is extremely difficult for resident doctors to work in an atmosphere of fear.

Meanwhile, Municipal Corporation Medical Teachers Association has also decided to extend its support to the resident doctors.

In a meeting held at KEM Hospital on March 22 afternoon, they decided to stop all routine activities from immediate effect.

“We are around 1,400 medical teachers from KEM Hospital, BYL Nair Hospital, LTMG (Sion) Hospital and RN Cooper hospital. We have decided to only provide emergency services and stop all routine work,” said Dr Rajesh Dere, committee member of the association.

On March 17, more than 1,000 IMA doctors from across the city and state gathered at Mumbai’s Azad Maidan to protest the brutal attack on resident doctor in Dhule earlier last week.

In less than a week’s time, five incidents of doctor being assaulted were reported from across the state. Following which, nearly 4,500 resident doctors went on mass leave in state medical colleges saying they are afraid to treat patients in hostile atmosphere.

  • Dr Shivram C G

    Doctors who work selflessly have always been soft target whether in private or in public hospitals.It has become a scary situation.Punishment should be imposed on the assaulters and should be non bailable.

  • Ashok shah

    I completely agree and support the cause..

  • dr monali

    The assaulters shud b charged attempt to murder n non bailable arrest…its a solvable issue at d administrative level of govt by applying strict rules on pass system n avoiding d entry of mob in hospitals at a given time..tight security shud not b a issue wer doctors are forced to go on a d govt waiting for murders of doctor or a mass murders to happen to initiate action??

  • Dr Dilip Bhanushali

    It is high time IMA head qtrs take a call on this issue and call national wide stike

  • Dr Sudhir Gupte

    Action against the assaulters should be
    Time bound. ( almost immediate)
    Doctors should collectively prepare
    Themselves to retaliate AN attack by preparing an action plan.

  • Sujata chari

    Assaulters are out in the open and doctors are being reminded of our duties.
    Total lawlessness.

  • dr gunjan p

    Doctors security is mandatory. A safe environment to work is a basic constitutional right of every person, let alone a doctor who worksfor others welfare. If concrete steps were taken to prevent these instances from recurring when they happened earliar, one doctor wud not be in a position to lose his eyesight. MAKE THE PUNISHMENT STRICT, A NON BAILABLE OFFENCE AND SEND OUT A LOUD MESSAGE SO THESE THIGS DONT HAPPEN AGAIN. YOU CANT BLAME THE DOCTORS FOR WANTING TO BE SAFE.



  • Bharath

    Even the judge should be asked to apologise for the verdict that was passed and the judge should be shifted from high court to a sessions court

  • Dr Kavita

    On one hand they say that medicine is a noble profession saying that you deal with life and so on, but at the same time, doctors are put under the consumer protection act, saying that they provide service. Really, make up your mind, the learned Law makers, noble profession or service providers?.
    What are the poor doctors asking for??? Safety? Is it too much to ask for???

  • Rahul Kumar

    This is threatening situation for medical fraternity protest should extended not only in Maharashtra but all over India all organisation of doctors existing in India must come forward and support the genuine cause and demand of MARD

  • Dr. Rajendra kochar

    Its time to unite. Cader should be formed to save the dignity of the profession .

  • Shashikant Patki

    As a Citizen I feel Doctors should not work in such hostile & insecured situation They will not be loyal & perfect to their proffesion I suggest that they should work with a slogan & badge I PROTECT MY COLLEAGUE and also carry PEPPER SPARY with them for SELF DEFENCE

  • Deepak Monga

    Nation wide strike against the statement of Mumbai highcourt or say yes we are coward& want to leave our profession.It is the duty of the give security to each of its citizen or govn should declare doctors as non citizen of India.Come on….lets unite for our identity…it is not the matter of Mahareshtra only…it is the matter of our medico society as whole.

  • Gangadhar Narra

    It is very difficult to work under those conditions. Doctors make tremendous sacrifice both in terms of length of time they spend to become a specialist as well as financial aspect. No matter how much we try some times we end up losing patients. Instead of understanding , if patient’s relatives and friends start attacking the involved doctor , it means no one can justify even looking at Medical profession. I believe the health minister should resign his job.

  • Dr Mukesh Dinkar

    The attack on doctors is not acceptable in civilzed society. The culprits should charged with attempt to murder. We respect law and order. We have faith in judiciary. But we can not risk our young doctors . I support the doctors who are asking for security. As a civilized society it is prime duty of administration to provide security to Doctors. I think doctors have the right to bring it to the notice of authorities and govt.

  • Khan

    Judge duty should be 24*7 . Facilities given same as resident Doctors.

  • Dr Deepti

    I extend full support to IMA and resident doctors in this cause, such brutal attacks on doctors are not acceptable, assaulters should be strictly punished and made to apologize in public


    I welcome the move by other doctors and teachers….I request all of u to be united firmly till the end..come what may…but don’t step back…and protesting peacefully is our constitutional right…

  • R.k garg

    Support should be extended from all parts of india and if possible from all over the world..mci of india should medical council should intervene. .president of world medical council is from India. .This, what is happening with doctors should be condemned..doctors are facing same problems as being the soft target every where..

  • Vinod K

    Don’t forget, and practically speaking, Those people who join LLB are mostly people who were not good academically..Today’s stalwarts of law called Judges , have been giving irresolute statements on Doctors have got an interesting Drum to beat.

    Expect No justice from the system..The only language the system understands and Unfortunately is striking and refusing to Work though patients will be stressed..We have to see the abusers of freedom provided by constitution and doctor beaters are put behind bars and made to suffer..My request To medical fraternity across the country to unite and support Maharashtra Doctors

  • Dr. Sumeet Singh

    Tag your comments everywhere with #shameHCmumbai and every doctor should write to to seek apology from High court, Mumbai.

  • Dr Anoop Dev

    If this is the state of affairs in tertiary centre imagine those doctors working in remote areas with limited or very scarce resources. Nobody will understand the plight of doctors, there should be a nation wide protest and it should be rather in a more aggressive manner so that nobody could take us for granted.

  • Dr Roopa

    I support IMA for this strike. Doctors r the best citizens all over the world. Working selflessly for the society. We too need human rights.we need protection.

  • dr ramanakumar

    pls remove all. securiry from all courts stat. there shud not be one policeman inside the court.

  • Dr mehak

    There should be a rule in which no patient can physically assault the doctor, whatsoever. If there is negligence they can file a case ,but physical assault should be banned legally, there should be enough security available in the hospital.

  • Dr Arshad

    Those persons who had beaten the dr should b beaten up in a public place just like how they had beaten our dr

  • Sonum

    Court said doctors are not factory workers,true but they are citizens,how come law lessness goes to this extent .When we are covered under consumer act then we should be given security and strike is right .

  • Sonum

    In Haryana Jay agitation ,all arson creating individuals are excused and here strict action is being taken,I think doctors vote bank is not required .

  • Sonum

    I would suggest ,all doctors to wear black badges in view of support of fellow colleagues.united we stand divided we fall.

  • asish

    thank you IMA for taking this bold decision…….actually all the services should be paused including emergency services……the people who are beating doctors and the people who just watched it, all are culprits….we sacrifice our family lives for them and this is the reward???? Now let them suffer too..If they can behave as inhumans by beating us, we can also be inhumans…lets see who suffer much…we being inhumans or they being inhumans……

  • Dr. Rajendra Sonone

    Jai IMA. It’s the duty of government to provide proper Healthcare to the people. In stead of DOCTORS thrash these government people, hit them,beat them, they r the main culprits. After verdict from High court I totally lost my faith in judiciary.

  • Jay

    Strike should not stop with security, we should ask for a strong Law, Doctirs security law. Anyoneassaulting healthcare professional should be charged highest order crime and if proved to be sent for life. Non bailable warrant to be issued and criminal cases to be filed immediately.

  • Dr Renjith

    There are lot of judges and advocates such as prosecutors who think they can say anything to doctors and they are above us all. But they,and all the politicians, leaders, ministers etc have to remember that, as long as they are living in this mortal human body, they will definitely need the help of a doctor sooner or later. They tend to get carried away in their power and popularity and forget this simple truth. But the day we doctors start to think together and act together these fools won’t have any place to hide

  • Mahendra

    Advice youngsters not to opt this doctor proffession. Even a daily wager leads a quality life than doctor

  • Dr Anoop

    It was the selfish attitude and weakness of Doctors until now that has led common people to assault doctors and politicians and police to support the culprits. Now when water has started flowing above the heads of all doctors, they have starting waking up and coming in support of each other. If still they remain united, situation can be brought control otherwise one or other day every doctors turn will come.

  • Dr m wardhani

    IMA should propose all India strike

  • K. V. Bharathi

    I support the demand for safety by the striking doctors. Its high time this matter is looked into by the government.


    support the strike by doctors due to assault

  • Been telling this for last one decade

  • Divya

    Government please provide security and FRAME A RULE ASSAULTING DOCTOR IS PUNISHABLE AND NON BIALABLE WARRANT (as police or bank employes ) and for that crime
    That people should kept in jail

  • Bharathi


  • Drthakorparmar

    But why the other branches of lMA aresitting silently.there should be panindia strike and total paralysis of medical services.then and people will come to know the importance of doctors.

  • Dr. Renjith

    There are lot of judges and advocates such as prosecutors who think they can say anything to doctors and they are above us all. But they,and all the politicians, leaders, ministers etc have to remember that, as long as they are living in this mortal human body, they will definitely need the help of a doctor sooner or later. They tend to get carried away in their power and popularity and forget this simple truth. But the day we doctors start to think together and act together these fools won’t have any place to hide

  • Dr Sr Jessy M Antony.M RCOG

    Now a days doctors are given the place of God by expecting the best result , at all situations,even when pt
    Is complicated .Doctors also are
    humanbeings, they have also feelings.
    when they have to face an impolite situations or unexpected result, which is beyond their control media also
    Support public by finding fault with
    Innocent doctors.,with out knowing the true facts from both sides.thus spoiling the good name of the doctor
    Specially in a private sector.lwish and pray that something good will be achieved.

  • Dr Koushik Roy.

    A nationwide agitation should be started against these atrocities on doctors.

  • Kanai Lal De

    Call of the day. instead of providing security to doctors administration is trying to misled people . this attitude is surely complicate the already tense situation.

  • Dr Ram Ranjan Ganguly

    I support this strike as it is the time to show the govt & public the importance of doctor community.

  • Dr Ram Ranjan Ganguly

    I support this strike as it is the high time to show govt & public the importance of doctor community.

  • It is absolutely essential at this time .We are with them.

  • Every doctor should be on strike,from all india, not only resident doctor. Because it’s happening every where.

  • Jayaprakash

    The persons who assault doctors should be coined as TERRORISTS and they should be tried in court by ANTI TERRORISTS LAW.

  • Davneet s

    I support ima for the cause high time to get united

  • Suja Desai

    Complete support from our family

  • Dr Arch

    I support the cause 100% every doctor has had such experience at least once . But when it happens to some one else we show apathy . That shouldn’t be the case any more….stay together, support each other, discourage backstabbing OR PERISH TOGETHER. You showing you are better than your collegue by suggestive words or even expressions just to get patient approval is the first thing that should stop!

  • Kamalkrishna Maiti

    God works through Doctors

  • Dr Prakash

    This agitation should not die down till doctors safety is assured
    We should make it a nationwide agitation

  • Adv. Rohit Erande

    Beat the wrong mindset, not the Doctors……

    3 incidents in a row of Brutal attacks on Doctors have put the Medical Fraternity in a state of shock and anger… Blessing in disguise is that nation has seen the much needed unity amongst Drs…. Let the unity remain as it is….

    We’ll drink to limit and then expect Drs to rectify liver and kidneys, we’ll drive rash and negligenent, get a head injury and expect Drs to bring is back to normality.., We’ll eat less sweets doe 1-2 days before checking to get blood sugar report normal and expect Drs to control the diabetes and at the end if Drs don’t get success, beat them to death… What’s going on…. This reflects that the patience from the Society is declining fastly…. Evey1 is under some or the other pressure and Doctors become the soft target for venting out the anger….

    If a test is prescribed and the results are good then it may be alleged that , test was not necessary, just to get commission it was prescribed for…. If Test is not recommended, still it might be said, Doctor doesn’t know how to diagnose….

    No doubt there are bad elements in this filed too…. If the patient has any grievance against Drs, he/she has efficacious legal remedies are available…. At times Courts have granted Crores of rupees of compensation and Drs have also in addition thereto have lost their registration…. But in no way violence can be the answer….
    As Hon. Apex Court has said in number of. Cases that a Surgeon with shaky hands and fear lf cases in his mind will not be able to hold scalpel and ultimately the Society will be at loss….
    But one thing we must know that Medical Science is an incomplete Science !! The effect of treatment depends and varies from person to person… So do the results …. Which Ordinary prudent Doctor would like his patient not to be in good health again ? So Doctors will generally give all their efforts to cure the patient.

    Thus I feel that Counselling of Patients pre and post treatment is a must… What patients expect from Doctors is few good words and assurance… If you spare time for the patients and answer all their queries, it will be a stitch in a time….

    Amongst all other professions, Doctors are no doubt treated like God !… But do we beat our God ? Doctors are neither God nor Devil, they are the normal human beings..
    Once we accept this reality, then we have to accept the limitations of Doctors too….. So we have to beat the wrong mindset and not the Doctors….

    Hon. Bombay High Court has already granted various reliefs in favour of Doctors and Doctors Association should go for its implementation.. Now the problem is being portrayed as a battle between Judiciary and Doctors and the main issue has moved on back seat… This should changed…

    If the situation is not changed, the day is not far when Internet will be the only option to get the Medicines….

    Thanks & Regards,

    Adv. Rohit Erande.