Assam’s Rita Devi, to approach Mumbai doctors for sex change surgery

Rita who hails from Assam, is facing similar hormonal issues like Lalita Salve, and wants to undergo sex change surgery. Rita is expected to meet doctors at Mumbai’s St George hospital during this week

Assam’s Rita Devi, to approach Mumbai doctors for sex change surgery

  • Rita Devi, a 37-year-old woman, who hails from Hojai, Assam, will be meeting doctors from Mumbai’s St George Hospital for the sex reassignment surgery.
  • Rita Devi is currently undergoing treatment in Assam and expected to come to Mumbai this week.
  • Like Lalita, Rita is also suffering from the hormonal issues and has expressed her wish to the doctors to undergo sex reassignment surgery

After a successful sex reassignment surgery on Lalita Salve, a police constable from Maharashtra; Mumbai’s state-run St. George hospital has been receiving numerous calls regarding sex reassignment surgery.

One such call recently came from Dr Roy from Hojai, Assam.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, Medical Superintendent of the St. George Hospital said, “After Lalita underwent a sex reassignment surgery, another lady named Rita Devi, from Assam, is coming to Mumbai soon, to get sex reassignment surgery done. She has been living like a female and facing hormonal issues. And, has expressed her desire to undergo sex reassignment surgery.”

“She is currently undergoing treatment with Dr Prasanjeet Paul in Assam. Dr Roy called me a few days back to inform me about Rita Devi. But, before progressing further, we have to perform certain tests on her. So, once she is here we will be performing several tests on her. And after completing all the necessary tests we will perform sex reassignment surgery,” said Dr Gaikwad.

Assam’s Rita Devi, to approach Mumbai doctors for sex change surgery
Rita Devi

After Lalita Salve has been operated successfully at Mumbai’s St. George hospital, a number of people have come forward to make inquiries about the sex change procedure at the St. George hospital. The hospital has also started an Out Patient Department (OPD) for the same.

Dr Gaikwad further added, “After Lalita was operated, we have been receiving a number of calls from the patients. So we have started an OPD in our hospital. Every Tuesday, Dr Rajat Kapoor, a plastic surgeon, meets a patient in the OPD. Lalita is also receiving a lot of calls from the people. We are also contemplating to set up a special ward for the sex reassignment surgery.”