Ashadi Ekadashi: Organ donation awareness ‘dindi’ taken out in Mumbai

On the occasion of Ashadi Ekadashi, in order to raise awareness on the importance and value of organ donation, Apex Kidney Foundation took out a procession from Mumbai’s Lalbaug area to Wadala’s Lord Vishnu temple

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  • 40 volunteers from Apex Kidney Foundation participated in the dindi march. They distributed organ donation pledge forms and made people aware about the concept of organ donation through placards and banners.
  • In India, only 0.58 per million people donate the organs. While the waiting list of those who are in dire need of the organs in huge.
  • On this auspicious day, volunteers came together to celebrate this day and also spread awareness and clear misconceptions related to organ donation.

Ashadi Ekadashi: Organ donation awareness ‘dindi’ taken out in Mumbai

Speaking to My Medical Mantra, Dr Vaishali Bichu, Director of Apex Kidney Foundation said, “There is not enough awareness about organ donation in the community yet. That is why we have taken out this dindi to spread the message of organ donation. There are superstitions regarding organ donation for example, some people think that if they donate their organs they will go to ‘naraka’ (hell) after death, but that is not true at all! But, one organ donor can save eight lives. We have made our best efforts to clear misconceptions on organ donation through this dindi.”

Indrani Sawant, a volunteer at the dindi said, “This is a different kind of dindi. The purpose of this dindi is to make people aware about organ donation and clear their doubts. We want people to know its importance and come forward and take the initiative to pledge their organs.”

Apex Kidney Foundation volunteer, Nilesh Shedge, said, “When people who are wait-listed do not get organs on time they end up losing their lives. Our aim is to make people aware and tell them to ‘donate organs, save lives.’”