Asha: Govt to distribute free contraceptives

In order to abort the child, many women approach hospitals for abortion or consume pills which are available online. But, this can be harmful for them. With an aim to increase the use of contraception inn women, Department of Family Welfare and Planning is taking efforts


‘Antara’ injection was available earlier in private hospitals. However, women could not afford as it was costly. Owing to which, the state government made it available for women in the municipal and government hospitals.

To increase the use contraception and to safeguard the health of the couple, family welfare department has taken initiative to provide this injection. This injection is provided free of cost to all the municipal corporations, suburban hospitals, maternity homes, medical colleges and colleges. It got a good response as 1,986 women took this injection. These injections are to be taken once in three months.

But, now, the women will have to take contraception, once in a week. Dr Asha Advani, Head of the Department of Family Welfare and Planning said, “The contraceptive ‘Saheli’ is available in private clinics. But, now the government has named it ‘Asha’ and it will be made available free of cost in public hospiatls.”

She added, “This contraceptive will be made available in public hospitals in Januray 2018. On December 20, there is a programme organised in which the doctors will be provided information about ‘Antara’ and ‘Asha’.

Dr Mangala Gomare, deputy executive health officer said, “For abortion, new contraceptive ‘Asha’ will be made available in all municipal hospitals and clinics. Women will have to consume it once in a week.”

About ‘Asha’:

  • After delivery and abortion, women from the age group of 18 to 45 can consume it
  • No side-effects on the child
  • It is an effective contraceptive