Army man to cycle from Odisha to Pune to raise

His mother passed away five years ago due to oral cancer, she was detected with cancer in its third stage. After being triggered by the lack of sensitivity towards patients affected with cancer and the ignorance in rural areas of Maharashtra, this army man has made it his mission to ensure that people are aware about this dreadful disease




People working in the armed forces generally protect from enemies who attack us from the outside, like terrorist or other security threats towards our nation. Today, My Medical Mantra, wants to introduce you to an army man who is fighting against an enemy which attacks from within the body. Yes, we introduce you to a soldier  who is who is waging a war against one of the biggest biological threats to mankind, he is a warrior is in active combat against cancer.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra, Gajanan Kale, said, “My mother was detected with oral cancer, at the point of time it had already progressed to the third stage. Even though the treatment was immediately started, her health slowly began to deteriorate and she succumbed to the disease. She passed away on December 2013.”

Kale added, “When my mother was suffering from cancer, the people around her began to view her in a different manner. There was a lack of support from society. The thing that struck a discordant chord with me was that there was a lack of awareness in regards with a deadly disease like cancer in society.”

The Ahmednagar resident has now collaborated with Gramin Sneh Foundation, and they both have come together for the common cause of raising awareness on cancer.”

Gajanan further elaborated, “We will be in Gopalpur, which is a city near Odisha on December 02. This will be the starting point of my cancer awareness initiative.”

He stated, “I will be cycling across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. We will have certain pit stops in our journey; we will spread awareness about cancer in these places. We will visit schools and colleges in the vicinity and provide information about the sign from which one can detect cancer, its symptoms, and diagnosis etc.”

He said, “Basic information will be given to students, college students, and the people we meet during the course of our journey. So that they all have the necessary basic information, only once they are aware about the disease can they inform other people about it.”

In conclusion, “After my mother passes away, I also held a few cancer awareness campaigns in Jalna. We used to invite the local village doctor and he would inform people. This was generally done during kirtans and other social gathering as these events attracted large crowds.”

Kale said, “My aim is to ensure that each and every person is aware about cancer and that they spread the word about it. So that everyone understands why it is important to know about this disease.”