Are fathers misusing their paternity leaves?

While all the big corporate companies have recently started generously giving paternity leaves for men, are they really using it for their duty of childcare?

Are fathers misusing their paternity leaves?
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Gynaecologists from the city say the answer is no. For these new fathers these leaves are also for vacation, to get done their pending work and to while away time with their friends.

“I delivered my baby last week. My husband works in Siemens, Pune. He has two weeks of paternity leave. But he has planned one week of vacation with his friends in these two weeks. Ultimately child care has remained duty just for women” said Sakshi (name changed), a new mother.

Gynaecologists from Pune weighed in on this issue and gave their take over this issue related to paternity leaves.

While speaking to My Medical Mantra Dr Aarti Nimkar, a gynaecologist from Pune, said, “The provision for paternity leave was done in order to ensure gender equality when it comes to child care. Almost all the MNC’s and corporate companies in Pune offer paternity leave.”

Dr Nimkar added, “It has been seen that in many cases the leave is not utilised for the purpose it was sanctioned for. When we talk with patients we often get to know that once the hospital stay is over and once the new mother goes to her mother’s place the husband does not go with her. But often the plans for holidays, plans with friends and plans to finish pending work like related to finances etc. are done during the leave.”

While Dr Kishore Pandit, gynaecologist from the city, stated, “Not all men misuse paternity leave and there are some who actually take initiatives in learning child care along with mother. These companies should come up with some mechanism to check whether they are used for the said purpose. And if misused a fine should be incurred.”