Apollo Hospitals treats 22 underprivileged children free of cost for cardiac ailments

The hospital has completed 22 such procedures of which 11 infants underwent open heart surgeries and remaining 11 treated with interventional procedures. Apollo Hospitals is shortlisting and inviting eligible families to come forward and benefit from this programme

Apollo Hospitals treats 22 underprivileged children free of cost for cardiac ailments

When Apollo Hospitals in Navi Mumbai launched its first tertiary care multi-speciality hospital, it committed to treat around 66 paediatric cardiac patients from underprivileged families at no cost.

One of the recent cases treated by the hospital in Navi Mumbai is that of an 11 month old baby, Harsh Tamboli. When the infant experienced repeated episodes of cough and cold, the parents were unaware that it could be due to a congenital heart disease in which the heart beats are at an abnormal rate.

On diagnosis, it was confirmed as severe valvular aortic stenosis. He was successfully managed by paediatric cardiologists at Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai by performing balloon aortic valvotomy.

Apollo Hospitals treats 22 underprivileged children free of cost for cardiac ailments

Prashanth Tamboli, the father of the baby said, “We come from a remote area near Raigad. When we saw our baby struggle to breathe, we were completely unaware of its heart health being the reason behind it. While we knew that we urgently needed a specialist doctor to treat our child, we were also worried about funding the treatment. Knowing that heart related treatment will cost a huge amount, we were extremely worried about our child’s health. We were then referred to Apollo Hospitals in Navi Mumbai.  I am very glad we came here. The hospital has treated my child with the best of its services at no cost.”

On the other end, the hospital also managed a baby within 15 hours of birth born blue with an echo cardiogram showing critical aortic valve stenosis. Without intervention the baby would not have survived. The baby was immediately taken for a balloon angioplasty following which the baby has managed to make his way home after a brief stay in the NICU.

“The baby was in a critical condition when he came to the hospital. Mortality rates for such conditions are very high, however the baby still survived for 8 months. With the interventional procedure, the baby’s heart has now returned to normal and we expect no complications. The baby’s heart will continue to develop and strengthen without any side effects and he can live a completely normal life. We discharged him the next day after the procedure,” said Dr Bhushan Chavan, Consultant, Paediatric Cardiology, Apollo Hospitals

Paediatric heart cases deserve specialised attention. Immediate detection of cardiac anomalies is of utmost importance to avoid long term, or irreversible damage to the heart and potential loss of life. Apollo Hospital’s pediatric cardiac centre has treated infants as young as 12 hours.

Apollo Hospitals treats 22 underprivileged children free of cost for cardiac ailments

Dr Neville Soloman, Consultant, Paeditaric Cardiac Surgery, Apollo Hospitals, said, “Out of 1,000 children, 8 children have congenital heart disease. On an average 3 to 4 need to undergo a surgery or their survival becomes a challenge, but not all children require surgery, simple conditions can be managed by interventional procedures (non-surgical procedures) and complex conditions can be cured by open heart surgery with excellent results, if the team is good. Many of these children can lead a normal life like any other children with good quality of life.”

“Paediatric cardiac cases observed in the lower socio-economic strata of society usually go undiagnosed. This initiative aims to not only deliver quality of life and the best healthcare facilities to the underprivileged; we also want to create more awareness on heart health of the baby right from pregnancy. It is heartening to see that our services are helping families reassure lives of their babies who are being diagnosed with heart related ailments,” said Dr Narendra Trivedi, CEO, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai.