Apollo Hospital and RTO Mumbai create awareness on organ donation

Apollo Hospital Mumbai and RTO Mumbai had recently arranged awareness sessions on organ donation. Those who would come to applying for a license at a RTO were given sessions and informed about the cause of organ donation

Apollo Hospital and RTO Mumbai create awareness on organ donation

There are many people in the country who are still waiting for the vital organs and yet there are people in the country who are not aware about organ donation. Civil society groups and the government are trying to create awareness regarding organ donation and it is crucial to make people understand the importance of organ donation.

While such sessions have already been conducted at Panvel and Mahad RTO offices, new sessions at Alibaug and Mangaon RTO are planned for the upcoming days.

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Dr Trang Singhal, consultant at Emergency Department of Apollo Mumbai, said, “There are many people who do not know anything about organ donation. At the same time there are many who are on the waiting list of organ donation. It is therefore responsibility of hospitals to educate people on organ donation. We informed people on procedural aspects related to organ donation.”

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“We also took awareness session on what should be done if they see an accident victim. Many get scared about legalities and so do not help victims. We informed about the recent laws and how they are in favour of the person who helps. Along with organ donation we also gave them basic information in how should they be taking care of accident victim,” said Nilesh Kadam, working with Apollo Hospitals in Mumbai.

Shreya Nagpaul, who attended the talk, said, “I had read about organ donation in newspapers, but I had no detailed knowledge about it. The talk was not only informative but was also inspiring.”