Anna Hazare’s condition critical, as indefinite hunger strike enters the seventh day

Veteran social worker Anna Hazare has been on the indefinite hunger strike since the last seven days now. As his fast has enters the seventh day, doctors said that his health condition remains critical and have advised him to immediately suspend the fast as his health is deteriorating and it could worsen soon enough  


Social activist Anna Hazare has lost around 5.5 kgs in the past seven days since he began his indefinite hunger strike. On Tuesday, his fast has entered in the seventh day and his condition began to worsen and his body began showing signs of frailty.

Anna has been fasting since the past seven days over the demand of appointing a Lokpal in accordance with the Jan Lokpal Bill. Anna has been sitting on the hunger strike at his village Ralegaon Siddhi in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

While speaking to the press, Dr Dhananjay Pote, Anna’s personal doctor, said, “His health is very critical. He has lost 5.5 kgs from the day he started his fast. Currently, his weight is at 69 kgs. His blood sugar is around 90, and blood pressure is within the 160/90 range. We have advised him to suspend his fast immediately, as this will further aggravate the situation. But, he is going to stick to his demand and will not budge.”

“If the situation remains the same, it may have an adverse impact on his kidney and brain,” added Dr Pote.

Meanwhile, the Devendra Fadnavis government in Maharashtra swung into action to break the deadlock. CM Devendra Fadnavis is meeting Anna Hazare, this afternoon . Irrigation Minister Girish Mahajan and Union Minister of State Defence, Dr Subhas Bhamre has met Anna as well. But, the negotiations have failed and they haven’t reached a conclusion over the issue yet.

Dr Murambikar, a civil surgeon from Ahmednagar, said, “Anna has agreed to give his blood samples for testing. We will take his blood samples and soon send it for the analysis. His liver functions have also changed a lot over the past few days. His health is deteriorating fast, so as a doctor I have advised him to call off his fast.”