Andheri fire: He lost his family while saving others

Abbas Kapasi’s house caught fire. But he lost his life while trying to save his neighbours as the fire could have spread in their house as well. Due to one mistake the door got locked and didn’t open. This led to the death of his family members

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  • On Thursday morning, four people died and five were injured after the third floor of Mehmud building, Shivaji Nagar, Church Road in Andheri East caught fire at 12:50 am.
  • Unfortunately, in this incident, Sakina Abbas Kapasi (14), Mohin Abbas Kapasi (10), Taslim Abbas Kapasi (42), Dawood Ali Kapasi (80) lost their lives.

As per John Pinto, the eye witness, “Suddenly, there was a power cut at 12:00 am. After which, the AC located at Abbas’s house on 3rd floor caught fire. They started shouting due to the smoke. Everyone in the building woke up. Abbas asked everyone to go out of the building. When he went to his neighbours house to tell them to come out, the door of his house got looked and it never opened.”

At that time, his mother, wife and two children were at home. Efforts to save them went in vain. Sunil Yevle, a resident of the building said, “I came out to rescue people but couldn’t save them due to the improper construction of the building. People residing on the ground floor came out. But, the fire had spread to the 4 th floor and it was difficult to rescue them. The incident which occurred with Abbas’s family was unfortunate.”

DCP Navinchandra Reddy said, “Four people have lost their lives and five are injured. The inured are being tretad at the Holy Spirit Hospital. We are investigating the matter.”