Anaesthesiologist group hosts talk to foster stress-free environment

Anaesthesiologists carry a lot of risks while performing any operation, but they mostly remain unsung heroes in operation theatres


The Anaesthesiologists Association of Pimpri-Chinchwad arranged a special talk on various topics like how to handle stress, how to cultivate hobbies, among others.

To highlight the point that the profession carries many risks, and anaesthesiologists also suffer from stress, a talk between anaesthesiologists was held on October 16, by the Anaesthesiologists Association of Pimpri-Chinchwad.

During a surgery, the life of a patient is in the hands of an anaesthetist. But despite their sensitive role, they are all but invisible to the patients. Patients always remember the name of their surgeon, and never of their anaesthetist. Training of anaesthetist is as long as that of a surgeon.

They are everywhere in the hospital with those who are really suffering. If they get it wrong, then someone’s life would be in danger. However, despite that, they still remain the unsung heroes of all medical procedure.


Dr Summet Lad, President of the Association, said, “Around 50 anaesthesiologists participated in the discussion that we arranged. Different people spoke about different hobbies that they have in life. Travel, dance, working for the environment, etc., were the things that helped some anaesthesiologists in managing the stress. We wanted to give a message that though our profession gives us stress, we should nurture hobbies, which will help us live a stress-free life.”

Common people are unaware about the risks that anaesthesiologists face, and also not many anaesthesiologists know all the stress that their peers face. So, to acknowledge the fact that many professionals are working under stress, and to find out different ways to have stress-free life, the meet was arranged.

Dr Maya Bhalerao, Secretary of the association, said, “It is always life and death situation for us. Usually, in case of emergency, it is anaesthetist who needs to take crucial decision in a short period as three to four minutes. We are not just giving anaesthesia, but monitoring different things like fluid, blood loss, heart pumping, and blood pressure at the same time. Our work involves a lot of stress. I have nurtured travelling as a hobby. During the discussion, we talked on different such ways, which are helping us live a happy life.”